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Buffalo Deaths From Haemorrhagic Septicemia In Phang_nga

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Phang_nga Governor Winai Phuapradit (วินัย บัวประดิษฐ์) is asking for collaboration from locals to not move their buffalos out of the restricted zone, after almost 120 buffalos have died.

Mr. Winai said he has ordered the Livestock Office in Phang_nga to establish an operations center in the outbreak area to closely provide care. The situation is currently within control, with the amount of reported buffalo deaths per day having decreased. The province also has a stringent measure banning movement of animals and animal carcasses.

People are urged to immediately report to officials of any finding of cow and buffalo purchases from the affected area, in order to keep control on the disease.

Currently buffalos that have died from Haemorrhagic septicemia in Taimuang (ท้ายเหมือง) District in Phang_nga amounts to almost 120. Vaccination has now been thoroughly made in the area and the death rate is declining.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 26 January 2006

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