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Smoking And Drinking

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Why people drink alcohol and drugs, and destroy their health?

Beer, wine, and all alcohol drinks are very harmful for our health, destroy our main organs such as heart, live, and lung and cause serious diseases.

We must try our best to avoid the all drugs and alcohol.

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What a ridiculous OP.

Yes everbody knows that drugs are not good for your health.

Alcolhol within reasonable limits is NOT bad for your health.

Yes agreed smoking can damage your health.

But these as I said are known facts.

If we all abstained from everything that was reported as 'bad' for your health then there would be little point in living.

I have worked in medicine for years.

I do NOT do drugs. I do not drink alcohol because I don't like the taste. I do smoke but not around other people.

Surely the OP could find a better topic.

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Since th OP has nothing at all to do with assisiting peoplein Thailand trying to stop smoking, thread closed.

this is nto a place for preaching or stating the obvious. It is a forum to suppiort people in the diffifult process of giving up smoking. Obviously they already know it is harmful, that's why they are trying to stop.

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