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Building A Small Village Shop - Cost

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I was just as amazed by the futile nature of having so many outlets so close together. 50 red umbrellas and young people selling banana leaf wrapped sticky rice in a line on each side of the road. I asked a Thai friend, why dont some go further away? His answer was "Boss say sit here". "Boss?" "Yes, one guy own every umbrella!"

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Divorce in the west isnt 50/50 anymore. Its what you brought into the marriage. Thats fair.

Sons in laws in our family arent just allowed into the circle of trust either. Its earned.

What country does that happen in? (France?)

It certainly isn't 'just what you brought in' for America, Canada, Australia and the UK.

(Where they usually get the home + 50% of all other assets +maintenance and child support)

No France is the same as most other places you mention. Women get more or less the lot and you end up with very little. At least in Thailand you know you're going to get sweet fa should Tilac decide she needs a new Buffalo.

Bar stool analysis abounds on this threadtongue.png *.

Dunno about the other countrries, but the UK is certainly potentially quite penal on maintenance requirements (I paid GBP 36k pa to keep my separated wife of 20 years in the style to which she had supposedly become accustomed (though curiously we jointly never spent anything like that!).

So it would be easy for me to agree and add force to your statements. However, suggesting that a UK wife would get the house plus 50% of all other assets is way overstating it. Typically all assets would be pooled and the house may well be one of the assets that goes to the wife but there would be compensating assets (including often the private or company pension rights) kept by the husband. In many cases where assets are non-trivial the wife will get assets deemed sufficient for her needs and that may be less than 50% of the total pot of assets. It was well short of 50% in my case when the value of pensions were taken into the equation.

*Divorce and separation laws are not simple to define and usually need lots of court/lawyer time and negotiation under broad principles, or at least that's my understanding. I'm surprised anyone not sitting on a bar stool can claim to represent the laws of so many territories.

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