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Bangkok Police Delivers Baby In Traffic Jam

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Bangkok Police Delivers Baby In Traffic Jam

BANGKOK: -- Traffic in Bangkok can be so bad that many women in labor can't make it to the hospital in time.

So along with training to deal with road emergencies, traffic police in the Thai capital are also taught to deliver babies.

An initiative to give police midwife training was launched 19 years ago and since then 107 babies have been safely delivered. Nearly half of those infants were delivered by police officer Mana Jokkoksung.

The 45 year-old holds the traffic cop record for delivering the most babies in Bangkok's busy streets.

Mana knows the drill and is quick to arrive at the scene of the emergency, clearing onlookers and laying out the sterlised equipment, which is packed up in his motorcycle.

The last baby that he helped to deliver, the 47th, was born in a back seat of a taxi during the morning rush hour on August 20th.

With fifteen years of experience, he is now confident in his work but he remembers delivering his first baby with shaking hands.

"I have to pull myself together and try to concentrate and think of the processes that I've learnt from doctors. I think of what to do. The first few times was still nervous." said the officer.

He says the most important thing is to support the baby when it comes out and suck the fluid from its mouth and nose before taking the mother and child to the nearest hospital.

Mana says a lot of pressure comes with the job but it's worth it.

"When I delivered the baby and the minute that I hear them cry, I feel relieved. After that, I feel proud because all the people applauded and gave me compliments," he said.

Full story and video: http://www.digtriad....-In-Traffic-Jam

-- digtriad 2012-09-29


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Wow this is a great story!

I agree that we do have many very good police in this country, and this is proof positive!

Well done sir.

And to the baby he delivered on the 20th August - a belated welcome to the world from a "pee-chai" with the same birthday... good luck, and a long life! :)

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This is a great story, is very nice to see the remarkable side of one's character shine through like this. I am interested if there are police in any other countries that come close to the number of delivers this officer has done.

I always intended to find out the name of doctor or nurse that delivered me, maybe the most important part of one's life and

the person's responsible for making it all go well are seldom given any thanks when they should be praised.

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This guy deserves a medal!


Some sort of TV reportage about him would be good idea as well

before you give the medal let her check if he took her wallet :-))

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