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Rent In Krabi?

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Hi all,

I'm thinking of moving to Krabi between June and August and am going into the research phase in terms of figuring out what my options are as far as a place to live goes.

My needs, not much in terms of space as I'm getting rid of most of what I own for the move. A studio apartment or a small bungalow would be fine for me. I'd want it to be quiet, clean, and secure more than I would need a lot of space. And of course I'm hoping to find something near the closer to the beach but of course will consider living in Krabi town.

Realistically, can I find something under 6,000 Baht?

I've started with this in mind ( hopefully less, I'm really going to have to stretch my Baht) as I know I can find a livable studio in Bkk for 5,000 - 7,000 Baht as long as I stay away from the Sukhumvit area etc.

Thanks for any advice!


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