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Deet Did Not Kill Canadian Sisters Audrey And Noemi Belanger: Krabi

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DEET did not kill Canadian Sisters

By Staff Reporter


KRABI: -- In June this year, two Canadian sisters Noémi Bélanger, (25), and Audrey Bélanger, (20) travelled to Thailand and to a resort on Phi Phi Island.

After a night out on the beaches, the two girls were not seen again until a hotel maid used her pass key to access their room and found them both dead.

Thai authorities took the matter quickly into hand and, working together with the Canadian Embassy, investigated the deaths thoroughly and completed a series of forensic exams to establish the cause of death before the sisters were returned to their homeland.

At that time and subsequently, authorities have honoured the reported wishes of both the Canadian Embassy and the family of the deceased by not revealing the contents of their reports.

However a pair of “keen” Canadian reporters claimed to have gained unique access to the reports and went on to report that the girls had been killed asa result of ingesting DEET, a chemical compound usually applied to the skin to dissuade Mosquitoes from biting.

The story made world headlines despite Local reports that any information the journalists might have gained could well have been misinterpreted in translation .

Even when eminent toxicologists pointed out that the amount a person would have to digest for them to die from Deet poisoning was massive, they were sidelined.

Now Canadian Pathologists have confirmed, in a coroner’s report, that the levels of Deet, a pesticide,, found in the bodies of two dead sisters was NOT the cause of their death. [more...]

Full story: http://www.pattaya10...nadian-sisters/

--Pattaya 103 FM 2012-10-11


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This is no good news for Thailand's image, even though a similar incident in the western world would hardly make the news at all. Sad to read that the solution (as is closure for the girls' parents) is still hanging in mid air. I hope for the girls, their parents, anyone wrongfully accused, and our beloved Thailand that this case will be solved soon. We don't really need more of this... sad.png

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I hope the Canadian authorities can provide answers that those in Thailand could not. The fact that there is some progress will hopefully be providing some comfort to the families of the deceased during a time of unimaginable pain.

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It doesn't reflect badly on Thailand's image at all. I bet most people aren't even aware of this. Things like this don't get reported worldwide. I don't see what you think Thailand has done wrong. They investigated the deaths and found that there was no crime. The family want the cause of death kept secret. End of case.

It was certainly well covered in the press here in Hong Kong, and was front page news in some of the UK newspapers. I am not quite sure where you get the idea that it was not reported worldwide.

There has been a spate of deaths of Chinese tourists in Phuket recenly, each one of these has also been fully discussed in the local press and on the bulletin boards.

Thailand's image is taking a real pasting.

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