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Deet Did Not Kill Canadian Sisters Audrey And Noemi Belanger: Krabi

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Well someone is interested in this topic

This user got stuck on the page longer than intended as i was filling out a pop up survey.... got stuck on Q1 and Q2 had to think about it,good job Q3 was not"what is your name"? that early in the morning.

Seriously though,and this is a VERY serious topic!! Yes i am and have been interested in this story from the horrible 1st day.

I would like to know how they really died so if it was an accident or ? it does not happen again.

I respect the parents wishes,but as i see it we have at least 3 people as witness who in my opinion should of been interviewed,is there not even a link between one of these witnesses?

Parents wishes are one thing..... conspiracy is anotherwink.png

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The LD50 of DEET is 2 grams per kilo in rats, and likely much higher in humans, meaning they both would of had to drink at least several shot glasses full of pure DEET.

I think you would have to be at least partially dense to believe the two sisters died from DEET... Either by suicide or murder, and especially accidentally.

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Of course folk want to know how they passed. For one lass to pass on is a tragedy but two, and seems with the same symptoms is worrying for any folk thinking of a holiday in the same area.

For the family to not release possible valuable info for others safety seems a bit strange, unless they know how it happened and don't want the publicity.

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I can't help but wonder if something else is going here.

Perhaps the family wish to keep this quiet for reasons not yet explored, but perhaps known by the authorities (International).

Remember Charles Sobhraj? Could it be possible there is a sicko in and around Asia purposefully poisonong these unfortunate people? There has been too many, and yet too few deaths for these not to be suspicious in my mind.

The authorities may well want this theory kept quiet so they can find him/her/them without them going to ground.

I know, far fetched but not impossible.



and so on.

Has this been discussed on Thaivisa already?

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I'm sure someone must have asked this and maybe answered it but I just have not seen it.

I keep seeing mentioned the Brazilian "friends" they had been partying with.

Surely if this news item has been circulated "worldwide" as been suggested, these two "friends" must have heard of these two poor girls demise!

Have the authorities heard from them I wonder?

Did they consume whatever these poor girls consumed?

etc etc.

The " backpacker" community are pretty good at keeping in touch via social media. Surely these Brazilians must have heard about this tragedy.

If so, why have they not made themselves known?

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Sorry this does only bad on Thailand for those who don't know the whole story. THE PARENTS REQUESTED THE AUTOPCY REPORTS NOT TO BE RELEASED. The Thai police honoured the request by the parents and added that if the family or embassy want to release further info they can. Untill now they haven't released any further info. The ones who are hiding info is the parents and everyone must just let it go. Let the parents grieve their childrens deaths with their image/reputation intact. Why do everyone want to know the truth if the truth will only hurt the family more? Why are people dishonouring the wishes of the family by snooping around and seek publicity? The parents have lost that was most dear to them and the only thing they have left are the memories of their children, why do people want to destroy this?

No. This is incorrect. Neither the family nor the embassy have requested the results to be withheld! This is a fabrication of the Thai police. It has been confirmed by both sources already so why repeat the lies?

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Quebec coroner refutes Thai autopsy results for Belanger sisters

Phuket Gazette


A Quebec coroner has refuted claims that Audrey and Noemi Belanger died from ingesting DEET. Photo: Facebook

PHUKET: -- A Quebec coroner has refuted claims by Thai officials that the Belanger sisters died in their Phi Phi hotel room in June after consuming the insecticide DEET.

Audrey Belanger, 20, and Noemi Belanger, 25, were found dead in their hotel room on Phi Phi Island on June 15. Both had suffered a violent physical reaction to suspected poisoning.

Autopsies conducted by forensic police in Thailand identified undisclosed amounts of DEET in both woman’s systems, possibly from a “party cocktail” known locally as “4x100”. The regular form of the “cocktail”, however, does not contain DEET or any other insecticide.

But the independent autopsy in Quebec has ruled out the possibility of DEET being the cause of the sisters’ deaths, said Quebec coroner Renee Roussel on Radio-Canada.

Dr Rene Blais of Quebec’s poison control center explained that the concentration of the chemical reported by the Thai pathologist does not correspond to concentration that would be toxic, “let alone a concentration that would be fatal.”

Thought the test results rule out DEET as the cause of death, the autopsy in Quebec did not determine another possible cause.

Secondary autopsies have already been conducted in Montreal, but the results have not been released, reported Radio-Canada.

Thai officials have not officially closed the case. However, Lt Col Jongrak Pimthong of the Krabi City Police has repeatedly confirmed to the Phuket Gazette that the investigation has come to a halt at the police investigation level.

“We have sent a cause-of-death report to the Canadian Embassy or the Krabi Prosecutor’s Office. This is not a criminal report. We have no suspects,” Lt Col Jongrak said.

The cause of death is listed in the police report as “unknown” due to the circumstances of the sisters’ deaths, he said.

Source: http://www.phuketgaz...ters-18141.html


-- Phuket Gazette 2012-10-11

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"keen" Australian reporters, or just reporters who did their work and did not wrote down everything what officials claimed? Unfortunately anyone has more credibility than Thai officials when it comes to the death of foreigners. Remember the Chiangmai hotel, where police and justice officials tried to cover up the truth for a over a year? Funny too that this article is published in the local Pattaya liar while it happened elsewhere. Pattaya has a lot of tourists too, it is a good place to tell journalists what to write. If they investigate instead of writing down what is told they get murdered in the shit hole.

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Might not have been one thing...possibly they were taking/on 'something' AND drinking this stuff with DEET? Chemical reactions can be very unpredictable and especially when mixing drugs, or poisons or things together (they can often antagonize the other, making the toxicity higher). The problem is trying to link the two together is extremely difficult and a coroner won't be able to do it without extensive testing (and even then it's speculation). Maybe they indulged too much and just unfortunately mixed the wrong things....sad..but a possibility....if that's the case, no one will know the exact cause of death.

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I hope the Canadian authorities can provide answers that those in Thailand could not. The fact that there is some progress will hopefully be providing some comfort to the families of the deceased during a time of unimaginable pain.

The case seems to be closed for the Canadian authorities with these answers they have given (from the OP):

...Canadian Pathologists have confirmed, in a coroner’s report, that the levels of Deet, a pesticide,, found in the bodies of two dead sisters was NOT the cause of their death...
Secondary autopsies were conducted in Montreal, but the results haven’t been released.
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Can we rule out DEET?

The Canadian coroner's report has ruled it out. Try and see if you can make him change his report.

From the OP:

...Canadian Pathologists have confirmed, in a coroner’s report, that the levels of Deet, a pesticide,, found in the bodies of two dead sisters was NOT the cause of their death...
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Incompetent THAI Doctors - We have experienced the same with a Thai Hospital.

TH - Crime Rate has been doubled + Poor Medical Assistance + Dangerous drinks in different bars in TH

What does any Thai doctor have to do with the Canadian coroner's report?

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