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Deet Did Not Kill Canadian Sisters Audrey And Noemi Belanger: Krabi

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The DEET theory never really made much sense anyway and I'm glad it's off the table.

I hope that the Canadian authorities and the family will eventually reveal the real reason as found in the reports (I have looked to find recent information that this is not true as the poster above me claimed but have found nothing so far). It would really help ease the worries of future visitors to Thailand to know what reaslly happened here.

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Corrupt police, incompetent reporters = no justice for the 2 girls. RIP

It's the family that want the cause of death kept secret, not the police. What exactly do you want the police to do if this was an accidental death?

What makes you say it was an ''accidental death''. Go back and read the initial reports on the state of the hotel room when they found the girls. The circumstances of this tragedy are very suspicious....

Perhaps davjones got that idea from reading the news article to which a link is given in the OP, where it says:

...In Quebec . a coroner ruled that their deaths were accidental...

I wonder if there is a way for you to find out the coroner's name and address, so that you could write to him and apprise him of the very suspicious circumstances.

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If it wasn't so tragic, you would split your sides laughing.

Those Thai government agencies are just guaranteed to come up with deflecting garbage. And when it is shown to be complete baloney, another one steps in with more make-believe stated as undeniable fact.

Time and time again. Quite incredible. If only they had to take responsibility for their statements.

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If the cause is not obvious, B.i.B. just seem to sweep it aside with any excuse. Nothing changes in Thailand lazy police (probably untrained) and sloppy police work. But is that their fault? Question is, what will the Canadian investigators do about it and what are their options?

Accoring to the news article in the OP, the Canadian coroner has released this report:

In Quebec . a coroner ruled that their deaths were accidental, caused by some form of poisoning, and that Its likely that they had indeed ingested something which had poisoned them, but it was not DEET as the concentration of DEET within their bodies was not sufficient to have been fatal.

Is it this coroner to whom you refer as B.i.B, lazy (probably untrained) and sloppy?

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This is takingg very long IMO. Me thinks hey know more then they are saying since the investigation is ongoing and certain information is kept private that only the crooks, if any, would know. By keeping info secret the people involvde may incriminate themselves when they talk. Just a thought, since this is hard to believe what I have read so far.

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It would be nice to know what substance it was that caused the death, just to know what poison to stay clear of.

It would have been nice to know, but the case now being closed we shall never know.

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i dont post often but this story riles me.

one - the girls are dead - confirmed - so its either murder or suicide - i would think

so wouldnt it be the job of the police to work that out and suicide was ruled out? - then its murder and as such there must then be a murderer walking around - thats a threat too society and that person persons is either in the country or abroad- so wouldnt it be the cops job to find that person/s where ever they be. - since when does murder not count as capital crime

as for the talk that the family or embassy didnt wish certain details to be revealed or the invstigation concluded - since when can another country influence the activites of the thai police - an or since when can the family curtail a police investigation - so thats bs and needs to rectified

the stance or investiagtive response here by royal hai police is poor and needs to be taken to a higher level - perhaps canadians out there shuold resquest this of their ambasador as it seems there is no justice for these girls and worst still a murderer is loose in society

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This article's theme seems to be joyful that it was not DEET. But, the girls were poisoned - by what. So I don't see how this article can be so "up beat". Someone out there is still guilty.

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The mystery remains.. at least we can rule out DEET consumption, which in my mind was a drink only a fool would order.

Very curious about our Canadian autopsy results.

Can we rule out DEET? Remember the girls was found in their room with a large amount of vomit and blood around them. When a person get poisoned the body will try to get rid of the poisoning, so before the sisters started vomiting they may indeed have a large amount of DEET inside their bodies!

Nice thinking! That is a real fact that should be considered, but on the other hand the amount of DEET that has been vomited (out of their stomach) has not been taken into their blood... so this amount was of no importance in terms of poisoning....!

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Same story as Down Town Inn, Chiang Mai. No closure for victims!

The Down Town Inn, Chiang Mai was blown all out of proportion by a wanna be reporter.

Their were four deaths in a two month period. Two unexplainable two near deaths and two deaths of a married couple both with a heart attack with inn 10 minutes of each other. Those two could be one dying as the result of the other. They had been married 30 years and were in their 60s. As for the two survivors the one returned to New Zealand and the other to Seattle. Neither country was able to put there finger on it and the WHO had been involved and could not say what it was either. Th Hotel has since been torn down and is now a empty lot.

People are basically ignorant of what science can and can not do so they continue with the why and are unable to accept that some times things happen that the best science in the world can not explain.

The girls are at peace now so let the parents deal with it in their own way. You people do not help at all. I speak from experience having had an 18 year old son die. It is hard enough to deal with with out others constantly reminding you. We all deal with it in are own way now LEAVE THEM LONE.

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". Il dément par ailleurs avoir demandé aux autorités thaïlandaises de ne rien divulguer sur l'enquête et encore moins d'arrêter les recherches sur un indvidu qui aurait été vu avec ses filles le soir du drame."

From the article of radio-Canada... The father claim that he never asked the Thai authority not to tell anything about the investigation and never stop to ask about the search of the man that has been seen with the girls that night ... Sorry for my English

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