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Deet Did Not Kill Canadian Sisters Audrey And Noemi Belanger: Krabi

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"Thai authorities took the matter quickly into hand and, working together with the Canadian Embassy, investigated the deaths thoroughly and completed a series of forensic exams to establish the cause of death before the sisters were returned to their homeland."

.Really? that's NOT the impression I got

Annabel I agree with you.

Why if they completely worked with Canadian Officials to Solve this case Is the Canadian Coroner Disagreeing completely with the Thai Police Findings????? This doesn't sound like They couperated with the correct Canadian People, the ones who have the responsibility to Answer to the Family of the deceased.

here is an interesting link:


Also an audio of this Poison Expert who is and continuing to monitor and review this case. Aparently she is one of the most renown Poison Experts in the World...

you can click and save as it is open to public downloads, I cannot paste the audio file here if you go to this link you can listen or download Maybe someone else can figue how to paste audio file you people can hear.... here


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PART 2 and the Continued Report from the Investigators who went to the Palms Hotel in Phiphi and Krabi

Were the rooms excessively sprayed..? When we went to Phiphi for our investigation we went to stay at the same hotel. The room where they had stayed was under renovation and new mattress' were in the hall waiting to be put in the room. We rented the room above ( 203 ) .. We wanted to know if the hotel uses Pesticides and if yes, which ones and it what quantity. Before leaving Quebec an expert explained to us how to dust and take various samples for traces of Pesticides, and the material required to do so. We took samples everywhere from the mattress to the headboard, the floor and even the Air Conditioning. These samples were to be analyzed in a laboratory on our return.

At the hotel the young receptionist was instructed to not talk about the 2 sisters death to anybody, however she answered some of our questions but was very nervous. She said that the 1st morning a maid went to knock on the door and asked if they would be staying another night and says that one of the sisters replied YES....?? Never read this in any other report..?.... This would mean that they were still alive Wednesday morning..?? She wouldn't say more to us after this...

Carl Belanger's comments to this was ...Why is it that when they knocked on the door Thursday and Friday morning they not also ask if they would be staying another night..? This makes no sense at all and I can assure you my daughters were already dead on Wednesday morning... He said he is drawing this conclusion from the report he got from the findings of the Quebec Police investigation wherein it claims they died somewhere between 4 am and 10 am Wednesday morning.

The Doctor from the Phiphi hospital was one of the first ones to enter the room. She told them she could give them an interview but that there were no signs of violence.. only vomit. That night we went to the same Slinky Bar however the police were around and there was no dancing or partying and Slinky Bar was CLOSED... Nobody could tell us why nor since when..??

We realized we would not find out much more here so we went off to Krabi.We went to the hospital where their bodies were brought. They told us about the advanced stage of decomposition the bodies were in when they arrived. On the video you can hear the Thai Hospital guy saying this is because they are young and the death was not a natural one..? Fingers, toes and lips were blue.

Carl Belanger then says it''s criminal the way Thailand handled all of this... The first crime was to wait for 3 days before opening the room door, and the 2nd crime was to push the bodies in a corner letting them rot there till they could get them to Krabi. They kept the bodies for 5 days refusing to give them to the Canadian Authorities ( The newspapers here at the time said the parents had instructed an autopsy to be done here... Looks like that is another big lie..? )... The whole family feels like Thailand is HIDING something... If you have nothing to hide you move on something serious like this to find out what is at the bottom of it... you don't delay things like they did and beat around the bush as they did all the way. If you want to protect your tourism then you should get to the bottom or it ..NOT HIDE IT!

We went to the police to ask about the investigation but the officer in charge told us through an interpreter that he could not discuss it with us that is was because is was TOP SECRET and we asked Why is it TOP SECRET...Who told you / asked you to not talk about this case and they reply CANADIAN EMBASSY... You can view this exchange on the video about 4 minutes into the video... They are speaking in English. You can't see the officer in charge .. only the interpreter but just the stupid smile on his face makes one realize that it's all a big joke to them.

We went back to the hospital in Krabi and the Director said impossible to be Pesticides as if it were the case then other people would have gotten sick and / or died and he suggests that it could be Magic Mmushrooms.... to which the parents said no way they would try any kind of drugs... we knew our daughters well enough to know that for sure.

END OF PART 2................

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Last one ... Part 3... Had to get through this and done today... It's just getting too weird ! Even on the Canadian side...

Part 3 of Radio - Canada's investigation

With all these hypothesis' in hand we left for Bangkok. This is where the autopsy was done and the pathologist told us that he just finished his report but will not give us an interview. However he said I can tell you our conclusion is that they were intoxicated with DEET. He said he examined the blood, vomit and whatever and found 15 point something in Audrey and 33.7 Micrograms per liter in Noemi ( I have no clue about how high or low this is but sounds low to me ) and he said these quantities are deadly. What to think of these results..?? How can somebody have DEET in their blood... Ok, I am skipping a bit here because it just goes on about how the drinks especially the 4 x 100 in these places served in buckets have DEET in them... The funny thing they say is that the buckets are a popular drink made of coke, cough syrup, deet and the Kratom leaf which is very popular with Muslims who are not allowed to drink alchool as it gives the same effect as drinking alcohol...? . I thought there was alcohol in them ..?? ... Even the girl, Viviane, who was partying with them and who is again interviewed here in part 3 later says... It was Rum and coke but not sure what else..??

Viviane who is interviewed here again confirms that they all shared the buckets ... her, Audrey, Noemi, the Brazilian guys.. all of them and they all drank out of the same bucket. They asked her if it was Rum & Coke and she said well the first one was I think and the other ones, I'm not sure but tasted like that, She claims she was absolutely fine.. not even sick or feeling sick. SO if it was the buckets with Deet that killed them ...Why only them ??? Even the parents made this comment when this was explained to them .. Why only our 2 girls .. This is yet more rubbish from Thailand he says...

Renee Roussel the Quebec coroner also says it's rubbish ... She is also refusing to give an interview but confirmed that there is no way it was DEET. The Canadian Director, Dr. Blais, of the anti-poison center in Quebec also agreed .. Rubbish! The amounts found couldn't even be toxic let alone deadly. The small concentration they had in their blood is most likely from them applying mosquito repellent. We contacted the doctor in Thailand who did the Autopsy and he finally agrees that the amount of deet found wasn't really that high but that's because it probably evaporated before the autopsy ( God even these guys can't tell the truth or don't know what they are doing.... Oye!?) Dr. Blais thereafter said there are no scientific reports of any kind showing that the amount of DEET in blood would evaporate after death.

When we met Renee Roussel she said that at this point she was following a few other leads also.....(And here is a bit of a shocker !!) But what she didn't tell us is that 5 days before we met her she had the authorities seize and confiscate the samples we brought back from Thailand and which we had sent to a laboratory for examination ...???? She justified this action by saying that this material is essential to her investigation even though she was guarantied to also get the results. This has now blocked our investigation. Our samples have till now still not been analyzed so WE cannot continue our lead for now...

Further to this, 3 months later the 2 Brazilians had still not been questioned by the Surete du Quebec ( Quebec Police) and the Coroner Renee Roussel has just recently asked the parents to give her the personal clothing and items the girls wore and used during their trip.......?? ( I honestly don't know what to say or think here..?? This is all turning out to be so weird...?? I don't want to make any comments but the wheels are turning.....)

The parents they say seem to be losing hope on ever finding out the truth and are getting more and more demoralized ... ( Hell so would I...)

We asked them are you going to do...? The father said ... I don't know but I don't want to see the pictures of other parents children on the front page of a newspaper having had the same fate,... my daughters deaths must at least serve something and that is to not have other parents go through what we have and are still going through.. we must get to the bottom end of it .. we need strength and a lot of it but we have to continue!

Unfortunately two more mysterious deaths happened 2 weeks after the Belanger sisters but in Vietnam .... a Canadian and an American and this time the claim is that it is was a mysterious virus in one case and ???? in the other case ... UNKNOWN...! ??

And then they just give the statistics of mysterious deaths in Thailand since 2009 .... 12 people... mysterious deaths... mostly young women and causes of course = UNKNOWN ... and all the local authorities lips buckled ... What is being hidden...??? Is it being hidden to protect tourism...??

We at Radio - Canada are contesting in the court the seizure by Renee Roussel ( Oye... here we go !! Even in Canada ... Politics ) of the samples our teams brought back from Thailand. We will definitely get back to the public as soon as we manage to get our own analysis done. As for the death of the 2 sisters I guess we will find out more when the coroner gives her report in a few months ...

Well this is it for now ....! OUF!!!

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CORRECTION IN THE 3RD PART ... where it says = "We contacted the doctor in Thailand who did the Autopsy" It should have said = we contacted the doctor in Thailand who did the autopsy AGAIN...

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Thanks for taking the time to translate that for us all Annabel. It's truly a crazy story and I would love to have some closure for the family. Losing a child is tragic but without closure on the cause I fear they will be slow to recover from their painful loss.

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Case closed on deaths of Canadian sisters in Krabi

Audrey, 20, and Noemi, 25, from Quebec, were found dead in their hotel room on Phi Phi Island on June 15. Both had suffered a violent physical reaction to suspected poisoning.

Autopsies conducted by forensic police identified that both women had ingested an undisclosed amount of the insecticide DEET, possible from a "party cocktail" known locally as "Four times 100". The regular form the "cocktail", however, does not contain DEET or any insecticide.

"We have been asked by the Canadian Embassy and the [belanger] family to not reveal anything about the case. We are standing by that. The cause of death in the police report to the embassy is "Unknown"," Lt Col Jongrak Pimthong of Krabi City Police told the Phuket Gazette today.

"We are now preparing the documents to be sent to the Canadian Embassy. I have informed them that the case is closed. All the official documents will be sent today as soon as we finished copying them," he added.

All police investigations related to the case will cease, including any attempt to question the man last seen with the two sisters before their were found dead.

The CCTV system at the resort where the women were staying captured images of an unidentified man assisting the sisters back to their room in the early hours of June 13.

"We did not question the man since he does not live in Thailand, and the two sisters' relatives requested that we did not question him after seeing the CCTV records," Col Jongrak said

However, Krabi Police will continue to check the drinks being served at night entertainment venues.

"If we find anything suspicious, we will report it to Krabi Public Health Office to investigate," Col Jongrak said.

"As I said, no further information related to the case will be released, at the request of the embassy and the family. If the embassy would like to reveal anything further, they will hold a press conference on it," he added.

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Even when eminent toxicologists pointed out that the amount a person would have to digest for them to die from Deet poisoning was massive, they were sidelined.

The effects resulting from intentional ingestion are variable, due to the different scenarios in which they occurred. Of the six reported cases of deliberate DEET ingestion, three led to death. In these cases,
the amount ingested was 15-50 mL of 47.5% to 95% DEET in bottles. In two cases, bottles of DEET were drunk along with unspecified amounts of alcohol.

A typical shot glass can contains 1.5 oz. or 44 ml of liquid (DEET in this case). In other words 1-shout glass of 100% DEET can be fatal (especially if mixed with alcohol). How does this equal "massive amounts" ?


A 4 OZ (118ml) bottle of 100% DEET

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Despite the OP being from the 11th and the request from the family and embassy for a gag order, it appears as of the 19th, the police are still saying it was DEET that was responsible for the girls death.

KRABI, 19 October 2012: Krabi police confirmed DEET, a neurotoxic mosquito repellent, caused the deaths of Canadian sisters, Audrey and Noemi Belanger.

Krabi Police Lieutenant, Vitsawa Saneha, who was the case investigation head told TTR Weekly that according to an official autopsy, late last month, the chemical DEET was responsible for the deaths of the sisters.

“The autopsy indicated there were traces of DEET in their bodies and it was the cause of death.”

However, he did not reveal details other than to confirm the cause of death that has been the subject of speculation with contradictory statements made in Thailand and Canada.

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Nisa, the family did not ask for a gag order. Please stop proliferating this untruth.

That is very interesting since the embassy and the police have both been stating this for months. Interesting that the autopsy reports are not made public when it has been shared with the embassy and Canadian investigators and the family. The parents are without doubt are entitled to the reports from Thailand turned over to the embassy but yet they have not shared them with the media. So, it would seem reality goes hand in hand with the on going reports they and the embassy have requested Thai authorities not to release any information.

If they family didn't want the information kept from the public then it wouldn't be both in Thailand and Canada where even in Canada they site privacy laws about releasing information. But a family is the one who can give or deny permission for such information to be released.

It would seem to me that at this point the family has no credibility if they are claiming they want this information public and have not made a request through their embassy for the information to be kept private.

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