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60k would be taxed around 4-5k a month.

In BKK, 60k is very low for an international school. I hope they add in a 20k housing allowance and flights and bonuses.

What would you say is a typical international salary (per month) then?

I have been teaching for four years. I have a Bachelor's in English, a teaching credential from the state of Hawaii, and a Master's degree in education. I am curious as to what salary you would demand if you had a similar background and qualifications?


If you honestly have these qualifications and have been teaching here already for four years at a low salary I am so sorry for you. Like some of the other guys have said, that level of learning should have been netting you at least 80-100k a month plus benefits. I would really think about what you have lost over the last four years because of being so naive. wai2.gif

I appreciate your concern....But I have been teaching for the past four years in the west. I have applied for an international teaching job in Bangkok and am currently fishing around for the best offer. I appreciate your insight.

As mentioned, only a few of the really big schools will pay 80/100K plus. So if you are getting 60K now, it may simply be that its a smaller school, with smaller fees. and thus their offered salaries are smaller. Due to the high salaries, those schools are also quite difficult to get jobs at due to high numbers of applicants. The big salaries might also carry extra demands on your time. If you are happy on 60K, the school is well organised and the students are good to teach, then that would be enough for me, personally. The tax would be about 5K on 60K salary, I guess about half of that on a 30K salary.

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