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Getting Sick Of Dogooders

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My wife's sister, husband and family live in a nice but small two bedroom house but there were no seats of any sort in the lounge area and they all sat on the floor with their necks craning to watch the tv.

Doing my do-gooder bit I went out with my wife and I bought them a nice settee and delivered it back to them. To my knowledge it never got used at all and has now disappeared altogether.

It always seemed an effort to get a cup of coffee when I visited so I bought them a nice water heater....once again it only gets switched on when I go there.

I have stopped wasting my money now because they will always live as they always have done.

Having said that they are talking about buying a pick up in a couple of months , so its not because they cant afford to have these things, they just choose not to.

HL biggrin.png

I know just what you mean,my Mother in Law has an annoying habit: she piles up our 3 piece suite in a corner,so she can spread out the mat on the floor at meal times,when there is a table and 4 chairs to use. you can't teach an old Dog new tricks.

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