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Tourist Slashed And Stabbed 5 Times In Unprovoked Attack

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Krabi teens claim stabbing of British tourist was a 'misunderstanding'

Phuket Gazette


British tourist Daniel Cole, 21, said he would like to resume his travels as soon as possible. Photo: Atchaa Khamlo

PHUKET: -- Two teenagers who confessed to attacking a British tourist in Krabi on Monday have claimed that they “misunderstood” the foreigner’s actions and thought he was insulting them.

The victim, Daniel Cole, 21, has already undergone surgery for the cut wounds to his temple, chest, right shoulder and right arm and is recovering at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Anusorn Kullak, 18, and his accomplice, 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are being held at Krabi Prison.

“They said Mr Cole had insulted them, so the 17-year-old stabbed him with a 15-inch Sparta knife, while Mr Anusorn used a shoe to beat him,” Ao Nang officer Lt Col Niwat Pimket told the Phuket Gazette.

The men ran off after the attack, and then people at a nearby dive shop called the police and rescue workers, he explained.

The British woman, April Clifton, 21, who was walking with Mr Cole was not attacked. The pair were arrested about four hours after the incident.

Today, Mr Cole explained to police that he was still shocked by the attack. However, he would like to return to his travels in Krabi as soon as the hospital discharges him.

Source: http://www.phuketgaz...ticle19252.html


-- Phuket Gazette 2012-10-26

The women did not get attacked !!!!! pushed to the floor, .i would say that's getting attacked.hit with a shoe haha maybe a flip flop.yeh yeh yeh.what about the stab wounds i saw !!!knife and machete for sure.100%They circled him on bikes,lobed stones and bricks at him,then pushed his girlfriend to the ground,maybe then he insulted them .Wouldn't we all !!!every day we get insulted farang farang farang....but we don't slash people up.Last night fighting broke out on ao nang beach .Thai on Thai kids with bikes.with many arrests. I've just seen around 30 modify bikes on the nopparrat road today .Maybe a gang war has started...wild west here we go again......oh sorry i forgot pity they didn't show the other side of his face.or the wounds on the day.....Lastly, the headline stabbing.....more like Slashing ,you dont stab with a spartar.....

Just seen more photos on another site,clearly it shows the women was attacked, just look at her elbow.bah.gifResume his travels .lol ...yes to get his bags out of Ao nang, they are both terrified of the thought of going to that pier again and Ao nang .......Reporters ha ha ..same same but different lol Edited by aonangmrhuw
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I live in Ao-nang and I've seen it get steadily worse over the last 10yrs,Not surprised these B--t--ds make up a story that they were insulted, it will sure help them if they go to court, who do you think the Thai judges will believe? There is no justice for Farangs in Thailand.

The bad Thai's who are only a small minority, are starting to realise that it's now open season on Farangs, they know the Thai authorities will Always side with them, and protect them, what do you think the Thai authorities would do to a Farang who in self defence, where to hit a Thai.

Do you think the punishment would be the same?

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Maybe he did something to provoke the attack ?

A friend of mine drove past them minutes before the attack.she told me, that they were arm in arm walking romantically.He sure was not drunk,so why pick a fight against 7 people ?

Motive who knows....didn't want money...show off to the girls maybe....

Many times this has happened to me and my friends.I was kicked off my bike 5 months ago by 2 kids on bikes,just outside my home.

Having a handy bat next to my door helped allot.with them both running off, Leaving the bike behind.They told police Accident..lol

We even went out ,on night rides trying to lure them into attacking me.so we could catch them.3/4 local elder Thais following in the distance off course...

I would like to praise the local police ,for all there recent efforts .Well done.

little too late, but better than never.

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