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Peter Perluka

Oil Farm

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Hey guys,

Last few weeks i have been doing some research about rubber farming, and found some land, But while looking for rubber I have found a nice peace of land that looks awsome to me, but fully planted with 2 year old Oil Palms. Its said about it is a new kind of pil palm that shoul dbe producing fruit soon.

The land is being sold for 35000 baht per Rai

So now i am in the option for rubber tree's and Oil Palms both ready fro producing soon. The rubber tree's are sold for 50000 baht a rai.

Anyone know something about costs with rubber or oil? I knowabout the rubber is about 70baht a kilo and the oil is about 3 baht a kilo. But How much does rubber produce per rai and how much oil per rai? what have the most costs and why?

Anyone live close to chonburi with rubber or palm tree's?

Maybe we can have some contacts and share information in future


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One thing to do first would be to look at the futures markets and see where the long-term prices for each commodity are going. One may be more profitable now, but trending down in the long term. I found huge amounts of info on Altavista so you'll have to sort through alot of info on it.


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