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Me, Myself And I

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Right now I is the egocentric part of you which THINKS it needs a cigarette. Of course it is lying to you. No one will die without a cigarette.

"I" should be hating an addiction, not craving it. "I" is the imaginary need for something which controls you if you let it. "It" is mental, not physical.

As long as "I" believes it needs a cigarette, it's weak. As soon as "I" decides to hate the mental part of the addiction so that the "I" can reject the slavery, "I" will be free.

The actual physical pain of doing without a smoke is tiny compared to the mental bondage of believing "I" needs wants a cigarette. If you decide to hate them, you'll quit easily.


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Admit it. You really don't like to be smelly and rejected by so many. You've gotten past really enjoying the cigarettes and you smoke them mindlessly. They don't really taste good even to you. Your "I" is lying to you in the worst of ways, telling you something that's all bad and real poison is somehow good. Who could have thought up such a lie?

There are millions of non smokers and ex smokers all around you who don't "need" a cigarette. They hate the things. They feel better, smell better, and are stronger. They can even climb stairs without running out of breath.

Tell yourself you hate being a slave to a weed, and that you won't be. Grow a pair and be bigger than some smelly thing.

Written by an ex smoker. I HATE those fkn things. That's what it takes.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure the anti cancer drugs are abit off just now. So stop trashing your health.

If you run out of smokes you could just go downstairs and wrap you mouth over the exhaust pipe of your bike for a few minutes. Would taste similar anyways.

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> I.....have just spent the last two hours fighting with....MYSELF.....over whether I should smoke a cigarette.......

> Question.....who is I and who is myself?

> If MYSELF is my mind, my thoughts......who is I?

This is actually a very deep and thought-provoking question, fundamental to the upper reaches of not only religion and philosophy but also cutting-edge neuroscience.

My understanding is that consciousness is in fact a collection of various sensory and mental processes and experiences, and that idea of a single entity we call "I" is a complete illusion.

We have many selves, some well-formed into coherent personalities with their own motivations and preferences, as well as a huge collection of more fragmentary entities driven by lizard-brain survival instincts, leftover scripts (programming) from early childhood etc.

All of these are constantly ebbing and flowing, competing with each other for our time and attention, and this is why many of us find it difficult to force "ourselves" to do the things "we" know "we" want to do. The fact is we're just not in control.

I think the more sensitive and intelligent you are, the more likely you are to become aware of these issues and perhaps affected by them more seriously than those who plow along thinking life is simple.

If you really want to explore these issues you have a wonderful opportunity living in Thailand, as exploring these issues is one of the main practices of Buddhism.

If you are more aligned with "objective" scientific methods, then psychology has been the main field for such study historically, although the more physically-oriented and recent advances in neuroscience are also of great interest.

Exploring the literature on procrastination and addiction is also fruitful from a layman's perspective - the most fruitful approaches have nothing to do with the old-fashioned concept of willpower.

I think this line of thinking is one of the main reasons we're put on this Earth, much more important than a hedonistic life of ease and comfort.

I just never get around to getting up off my ass to make any significant progress on it. . .

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One is the instinct, more natural part....It tells you the breath, to eat to drink to have sex, etc etc.

The other is the modern (in matter of millions of years) mind set on top of it, which works more theoretically.

Both parts can be controlled. If you can make yourself 100 % sure that you simply can't smoke, such things don't even exist in this universe, than you won't need to fight against it.

Of course it isn't easy to fool yourself that way.

Easiest is to just focus on not smoking today...only today. Than in the morning when you could do 1 day already be proud of it and try to extend your personal highscore by just one more day.

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just an aside, but on yom kippur and every shabbat thousands and thousands of religius jews that usually smoke, even heavily, dont smoke (because lighting fire is considered work which is forbidden on shabbat. ) so from 16:00 friday, until 18:00 saturday in winter hours, religious folk dont smoke. and yet during the week they go nuts w/o their ciggies... so obviously its very psychological. a relidious jew would never never never break shabbat for a ciggie. people wait to go to hospitals until shabbat is over, and that is more life and death... ;

so it is concious vs sub concious....


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