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Anti Smoking Drugs

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I tried Champix and I got so bad tempered that my wife told me to stop taking them.

Where can I buy this e-cigarette in Thailand, I am in Pattaya.

Believe it or not...e-ciggarettes are illegal in Thailand.

FWIW, I tried the e-cig in the UK recently, it just made me smoke more as I could smoke them in the house, in the car, in Tesco!!! anywhere basically.

I'm not saying they don't work, they just did not seem to work for me

Is that true (the illegal part)? Why?

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I had to have a chest xray for a non smoking related problem, and was told I had the beginnings of COPD, previously known as emphysema. Many years ago on TV I saw a program about this ex miner with emphysema, he needed oxygen after just walking up the stairs at home. When I was told I had it, it frightened the life out of me, I immediately joined a stop smoking clinic, they gave me a 3 month supply of patches (1 month of 21mg patches, 1 month of 14mg patches and 1 month of 7mg patches), they made my skin too sore to continue them so I was given an inhalator and boxes of 10mg cartridges. I havent had a cigarette for 5 weeks and I'm now weaning myself off the inhalator, early days I know but I was smoking 30+ per day so I'm quietly confident. I was using 5/6 cartridges per day, now I'm down to 2/3, they certainly help me.

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