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Telephone Number

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Right i would like to hear from anybody else who is having the same problem as i am.

I brought my house nearly 3 years ago in Trang, i am about 2 km from the town center but far enough to be classed outside the town which is why i bought the house.

Well shortly after moving in and being settled i went to all of the telephone companies in Trang, TOT TT&T etc and they told me that there were no numbers available, which i couldn't believe i mean correct me if i'm wrong but i thought this was 21st Century ok i understand this is Thailand but come on!!! a telephone number for god sake, well i went back to check again today as i have been every couple of months and they still tell me that there is no numbers and i will have to wait for someone to give up a number. THREE years nearly and no phone at home no internet does anybody no if there are any other options???????



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