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Welcome To Gardeners In Southern Thailand

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Dear Southern members,

The Gardening on the Islands thread has been running for about two and a half years in the Samui Forum. There is alot of information there, and the relevance of plant growing in the south of Thailand is pretty much the same. It's a lot different in the south as to what can be grown in the cooler (nights) in the northern regions of Thailand.

The rainy seasons do vary from the west coast and the east coast, but the plants we can grow successfully are pretty much the same, from observations of traveling in the most of the southern provinces.

There is always something new to learn about gardening that is the same anywhere in the world so it's members helping members here with local information. Keen gardeners are encouraged to help and participate with their experiences and ask garden related questions.

Pictures of gardens or plants welcome!

Please mention the general area you are posting from, then perhaps other members can provide local advice.

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