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Wouldn't They Be Entitled To Apply For A Teachers' License?

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Not necessarily true. For those graduating from a US school, there is a national clearinghouse which verifies the degree. I have had degrees verified in less than 24 hours.

The only country I had a problem with was the UK and that was one university. It took a rather terse letter to the university to explain that we had in our possession 3 people with the identical signatures from 3 different years and I had interviewed a 4th person with the same situation.

Once they realized that it was the credibility of their school that was on the line, they were most cooperative.

Whether or not you attended or graduated from a school is usually a matter of public record. Your transcript and grades, are confidential.

I've been able to verify degrees from newspapers that publish the names of graduates as well as Alumni associations.

I'm Australian and have quite a number of teachers from Australia and the UK also. US teachers seem to be in the minority at my school. I'll check on the net with my university and see how they deal with requests like this.

OK I found this for my undergrad university - http://www.griffith....-qualifications

So it seems doable. Need to check my other two universities now:)

My other University wants $20 for an academic verification letter:(

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Reading through this thread, I think your colleagues have fake degrees. When applying for a provisional teaching permit, the degrees aren't checked. When applying for a teacher license, they are.

I've just given my school my documents for my next 5 year renewal. They mentioned it takes about a month, and something about documents being checked. I wish them luck - Universities are not usually inclined to give this information to third parties (the TCT), without the permission of the graduated student. So I'm not sure what kind of checking they will be doing without my consent.

Qualification Declaration Form for License Renewal Applicant

Questions that have to be answered in the form are:

  • Attending an educational profession course to obtain an additional qualification.
  • Having participated in a training course and received certificate that accrediting expertise in professional practice from the Teachers’ Council of Thailand.
  • Having taken training course relevant to the performance of duty.
  • Having obtained an academic standing promotion
  • Being a resource training person on a useful topics about learning management or educational management.
  • Writing the textbooks, articles or academic reports which are beneficial to learning management or educational management.
  • Creating innovation used in learning management or educational management.
  • Doing research studies on useful issues for learning management or educational management
  • Having been awarded by the Teachers’ Council of Thailand or other educational agency.
  • Having attended the lecture, discussion, conference, workshop, seminar or any meeting which the registration of attendance can be shown.
  • Having completed a study tour or training course on the topics of the professional practices.
  • Completing academic works or other activities which are beneficial to learning management or educational management.

http://www.ksp.or.th...l Applicant.pdf

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