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Englishman Dies After Fall From Pattaya Balcony

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" About 6 to 8 weeks back Tim moved into Centre Condo, South Pattaya "

poor guy having been abandoned by his boyfriend as well. It is understandable in some ways how he may have felt because Centre Condo hardly lifts the spirits. It is so gloomy in that building. Maybe he would have felt differently living in a smaller more modern complex....

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An update on Tim -

Funeral arrangements: For those who wish to attend, the cremation is at 1 p.m. on 19th Dec at the Wat on South Pattaya Road (opposite the school). Presumably arriving some minutes earlier could help as the format for the service is unclear. Some attendees may wish to say a few words or offer condolences before the 1 p.m. cremation.

Panorama & Funny Boys: Both businesses will continue to operate as there is a remaining partner in both businesses.

The sad passing away: Having lived and worked with people with deep depression it is safe to say that external signs are absent in half the cases. Friends have said that Tim gave no outside signs of trouble right up to that fatal day. This is common in many cases. Things playing on a person's mind are not always visible even in times of mounting distress. This is because most people compartmentalise their thought processes. Men are less likely to talk about a personal problem, than women. Triggers cause things which are playing on ones mind to "cut loose" and "manifest". Triggers can be a sudden phone call, an alcohol fuelled mindset, loneliness......Death is always sad - no matter whether farang or Thai. No matter whether from old age or other circumstances. It calls for respect in any language, in any culture.

It does not matter anymore: However, for those who loved Tim and are left bewildered & shocked at this sudden turn of events a small explanation which many already know. Tim sold his house at Big C, Carrefour area 3 months back to settle debts of up to THB 4 mio. About 6 to 8 weeks back Tim moved into Centre Condo, South Pattaya. He felt the loss of his house and financial pressures - given proceeds from the home went to repay loans. At this point the pain was heightened by the Thai boyfriend of 3 years who decided it was time to walk out.

Different people respond in different ways to the slings and arrows of life. Let none of us be a judge or speak like we are Gullivar's. I've seen men of steel turn to lemons when hit between the eyes with one of life's little arrows. Lets remember, but for the grace of God this could be me.

A confidential support network to work with people struggling with depression or life-issues would be useful.

A very well written and articulate post. You are obviously an extremely decent and caring person.
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