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Update!!! Partnership available. 30% shareholding on offer. 600,00 baht for buy in and up to 1,000,000 baht in future investment.

Partner/Investor wanted to extend our product line and extend into the overseas market. Our patented installation hardware allows for easy installation of floors and decking (wood, wood composite, fiber board etc.) as well as wall cladding. Roughly 140,000 baht in profit since sales began in September 2012. Company assets include 3 injection molds, design and product patents in Thailand and website.

This company is looking for an exclusive distributor in the ASEAN region. Applicant must be fluent in both Thai and English or demonstrates the organization and ability to reach the full market potential. The applicant should have experience in DIY and/or established connections or experience in the construction industry.

The distributorship would give the applicant access to exclusive distribution rights for our products in the ASEAN region, stock valued at 300,000 Baht, a small but loyal customer base with access to references to potential customers developed over the last 10 months and an existing network of dealers. The distributor would receive marketing support as well as technical support and pricing guarantees and an up and running website. The distributor would have first right of refusal on new products.

ASKING PRICE: 600,000 baht for 30% of Share



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