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Mcdonald's Thailand Imposes One-Hour Time Limit For Customers

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First Starbucks and now McD's... Thailand... I think we need more public libraries.

There used to be a famous one in one hi-so part of the city, but it was a members-only library, and membership was nearly THB1,000 a month. I think it closed down for good after a few months.

Anyone want to get into the business?? I think these Burger Joints are missing a big thing here....

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Guys it''s very simple, if they are not eating/ordering You tell them to leave. You do't have to be polite and ask them to leave. If you are not a patron then you are loitering, plain and simple. Put a sign at all entrances, and a few inside. They will get the idea, and lose face when you tell them to get out. And it's not just students, this goes for teachers as well.

I also think that patrons who are looking for a seat need to speak up. I know I do wink.png

Problem solved...

I'll gather you won't be speaking up right then and there at McDonalds? That would just cause a really bad situation...

In the end this is something management will have to deal with. I'm sure a lot of us feel the same -- as much as we want to throw these people out by ourselves, we don't run the joint... we don't have any right... ESPECIALLY if we're white...

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The free wifi is appealing to people.

Any place offering free wi fi could have a simple system for its use and to avoid misuse, if they see it as being misuse.

When you purchase your food/drink the receipt could have a code valid for one hour from time of purchase for use of the wi fi. Can only be used by one person per receipt or 2 drinks = 2 people can use it.

I don't eat Mcdonalds or drink at Starbucks etc so I don't care if the tables are full or not

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Off-topic posts and replies have been deleted.

The topic is not your opinion of the food, it's about the amount of time allowed to sit there.

Stay on topic please.

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Some times the Thais put up with way too much "taking advantage" behaviour. I have walked out of McDs before ordering because there were no vacant tables. I've seen job interviews, tutoring and just plain hogging a table by one person spreading their laptop and papers about.

But enforcement is another matter; politely telling some one to pack up *might* cause a loss of face and that's a big no no! smile.png

Hopefully McD Singaoore will read this. Same thing thing therer. Kids, mothers, ect sit for hours with a coke and surf the net.
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Will they issue each table a timer that goes off after 59 minutes?

Yeap, 60 mins after your put your first burger on the table, it will simply fold and everything on it will disappear into a bin. Oh, and your seat will also fold after 60 mins. Although you won't be binned.

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In Pattaya I mostly see old white guys. They are reading the free paper and not buying anything. Or nursing a coffee and trying to kill the morning.

They are probably waiting for their girlfriends.

I am sure many of you have waited more than an hour for someone.

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Just making it a blanket thing, one hour and you're out does seem a bit harsh. If the place is crowded then people should move on, I don't know many who would not voluntarily do so anyway. And if they buy nothing or very little then again, 1 hour and you're out. But this needs a bit of common sense and whether the person is a customer you want back. I have sometimes sat in a cafe doing crosswords or puzzles for an hour but, apart from the cafe usually only being half full, I have generally spent over $15 there. I could understand the management losing patience with me if I bought a small drink and stretched my time there but I spend a lot and go there once or twice a week.

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