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Village Violence

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Somo, if you know a good lawyer and they are few, good way to go.

The builder at my house [for 3 years now] slow is not the word.

His father was attacked with a steal bar, he is 70 years old. The attacker [ Known by by the father ] is a yabba addict. Cops took a report and said they will deal with it, meaning when they pick him up at a road block, or he gets arrested i in BKK . Could not be bothered to go out and look for him. 2.000 Baht later they could be bothered and went out and arrested the guy. I paid as usual.

As said justice will be done, but a bit of grease makes it happen faster.

On a bright side my rubber thieves got a year, where in the west they would have got a good behavior order. Jim

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I can only agree with the cautions suggested so far. It's not your game. The aggrieved will, at some time, find his own way of dealing with it. Could be a year or two down the line, but the grudge will not be forgotton. There's a hierarchy in each village and the police and residents in those villages understand that. There's nothing to be gained by you, (a foreigner), trying to enforce what you perceive as justice by calling in a higher authority - it just won't work.

Far better to avoid setting yourself up as an easy target, no matter how angry you may be and however much you may disapprove of the injustice. Keep out of it. Thai village customs and law work their own way, in their own time. There will likely come a time of reckoning.

Stay cool.

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Ask your friend how you can help, and help him.

That's the best you can do.

He knows the rules, he knows the people, he knows what is possible and what is not. He also knows the full story on why he was beaten up, and the appropriate response.

You might not know the full story, 4 guys beating the crap out of him over 100 THB doesn't sound right, not unless he really heavily insulted them.

If he's not willing to goto the police himself, then there's probably a good reason why (And it might be that he simply prefers a financial arrangement). You'd do best to cede to his wishes.

4 guys beating the crap out of him over 100 THB doesn't sound right

Agree 100%,

Unless its a case of mistaken identity and I doubt that very much here from whats been said, as a general rule in Thailand, you will know who attacked you (or ordered for you to be attacked) and you will know the reason you were attacked.

This wasnt no random beating, someone was sending a message.

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I understand the OP's sense of injustice, which many of us share, but it must be remembered that this is NOT the UK. Things are done differently here, especially upcountry.

I would seriously counsel the OP to keep well clear of ANY involvement. It is simply not worthwhile getting involved even on the periferary, let alone actively. Escalation could prove extremely dangerous, and even fatal.

Let your Thai friend and his Thai friends/family deal with it. The police would be the only help the OP could personally call upon if needed, and they have already made their stance abundantly clear. I suggest you could even consider having a vacation for a few weeks to give yourself an excuse for not getting involved. Things can turn nasty here in the blink of an eye.

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I do indeed know the full story

The wife was involved in a loud shouting match over the 100 baht and insults were thrown back and forth.

Hubby passing on his tractor said anyone messing with his wife would have to go through him and carried on thinking not too much about it.

His wife is a loud mouthed so and so but straight talking lady which is unusual in these parts and why I like her. having said all that there is history and everone in the incident is related one way or another so for sure there are emotions there I am not party too.

This may well have just been the spark who knows. All I am trying to do is give best advice whilst staying in the background.

while no one stirs things up the minor actors in the village and amphur have their way but I strongly suspect that if I can discretley give them a push from above they may start to do their duty.

It is just a question of how to prod them into it. As we all know inaction is rife here but it can be overcome I feel with incentives.

I am currently in Bangkok and already have an armed guard at my house. Bit over the top I feel as there is no obvious link to me and only my 78 year old MIL + crazy alcholic BIL there. My wifes family are however taking it seriously. Will find out more over the New Year

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^^^^^^^, you are sadly mistaken if you think there is some sort of rank structure over here, where if you bypass someone and go above him his superior will override him, wrong, it dont work like that.

Its a feudal society, why do you think so many local immigration offices can apply rules that dont apply in Bkk?

A lawyer is a complete waste of time and money, only my opinion based on what I have seen and been told.

JC has nailed it, let it go or live with the fallout.

Face will come into play someday, this victim you talk of is probably already planning how to extract revenge with no comeback.

There are somethings its best not to know about.

There is a very strong rank structure here. The system is hard for westerners to see, but if is there.

3 or 4 years ago while having lunch in the the big city of Buntharik. At the table was the FIL, sub district governor [ who acted as my best man/cousin for my wedding ] District and Vice Governors, plus a few other people with pull. Before anyone asks, I was not paying, that would make me above them.

Anyway I ran out off smokes, drinking bee,r have to smoke. Go to walk to the shop, Gov throws me the keys to his car.

Get stopped by a young cop at the intersection on the main road, have 50 Baht, no wallet, on ID, he is not happy.

Limited Thai, but he comes back to the restaurant.

Cop is not happy, his new posting will be in Yala or Pattenya. who you know as equals and friends make the difference here.

As an ex cop, stood up for him, he was just doing his job.

See him sometimes at a check point when taking the kids to school, just a big smile and waved through. Jim

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That's a bit like what is happening to me.

Ex cop/soldier with guns galore adopted me as a friend a while back and has now turned up uninvited but fully equiped to sleep on our balcony until things sort themselves out. My concern is that he already feels we are somehow involved! Having said that he is also one of those who can get away with anything!

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As it was already mentioned, STAY OUT OF IT. They will sort it out in their own way, for better or worse. The moment you get involved, you run a high risk of becoming the target and everyone turning on you.

When I worked in South Africa we had to deal with very unsavory characters. Lots of real criminals there who would eat the most hardened Thai for breakfast. The locals knew the police would not help them in situations such as this so the only way to deal with it was have them killed. Sometimes the police would do it for them for a small fee. I don't condone such things, just telling you how they did it in South Africa. We are all westerners living in a region of the world where life doesn't mean a whole lot. Uneducated people instantly turn to violence and unfortunately there is only one way to deal with those types. Locking them up only prolongs the inevitable, which is their release and revenge on the person who put them there and caused the loss of face.

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Some of you might remember a post i made some years ago about the wifes cousin getting badly beaten by a drunk at her home, the local cops wanted 10kbht to go talk with this man, cousin didnt have money, i offered to pay, Mrs says no, Nobody messes with our family, a year later this fella got a poison bamboo sliver in his ear, verdict, drunk himself to death at Sonkram,

Somo, dont get involved, it will sort itself out,

And although mrs brother is a police captain, he said he had no jurisdiction or pull in our area,

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Simple advice for any situation in Thailand.

Never get involved in any way and leave Thailand for the Thais.

You sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the show.

Easy to say if you don't make your living here. As the movie said. no country for old men. Not young myself, but have had to sleep tooled up, or as the yanks would say. loaded for bear. My land, my kids future and come and steal from my kids, you will have a problem. Jim


I think it is a little different when they come to YOUR house. Then it becomes your problem. But unless the problem happens to you, your house, or direct family (wife and kids), you need to stay out of it.

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