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' Odd Couple ' Actor Klugman Dies At Age 90

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'Odd Couple' actor Klugman dies at age 90

By Steve Almasy, CNN


Tony Randall Jack Klugman Odd Couple 1972

File photo, source: wikimedia

(CNN) -- Jack Klugman, best known as the messy sports writer Oscar Madison in TV's "The Odd Couple," died Monday, his son Adam said. He was 90.

Klugman, who won two Emmys for his role in the early 1970s sitcom, also starred in "Quincy M.E." as Medical Examiner Dr. R. Quincy from 1976 to 1983.

He told Larry King in 2001 that he played Madison on Broadway before the TV show debuted.

Full story: http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/24/showbiz/jack-klugman-dies/index.html

-- CNN 2012-12-25


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I like his stuff from the days when he was young and hungry, like in the original "12 Angry Men." He shows up in a few Twilight Zone episodes too.

Too bad the Law & Order franchise didn't tap him, he'd have made a great curmudgeonly judge.

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I remeber seeing Quincy as a kid, but the odd couple was before my time to young to remember. 90 is a good innings. RIP

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