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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 05:23

Images Of Chiang Rai 2013

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First, let me say that I am new to the CR area so I am not yet familiar with the names of the roads, rivers and landmarks. One day however, I was traveling on the road from the airport to that ends up behind the Big C area. It was evening and as I was passing over the river, the view was truly amazing. Unfortunately I did not have my camera. I have been waiting for a chance to revisit this site when the sky was not shrouded in smoke and haze. Today's wonderful thunderstorms were just what the doctor ordered. I drove to the bridge and took the walkway and waited for the orange glow of sunset to recreate the beauty that I saw that first time. I wanted to share it with fellow TV'ers. post-171103-0-40568800-1359811580_thumb.

Beautifully taken and processed

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Picnic by a waterfall.


Hi villagefarang can u tell me were in chiang rai the pic of the water fall is and do they gave camping there thanks in advance

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