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Images Of Chiang Rai 2013

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Picnic by a waterfall.


Hi villagefarang can u tell me were in Chiang Rai the pic of the water fall is and do they gave camping there thanks in advance

I copied the following information from the web. Since camp sites are usually available at National Parks I would assume camping is available at Phu Sang as well. Just to be sure you might give them a call.

Now if you are up for a 500 kilometer drive from the Rai, we spent last night at Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, and I highly recommend it. The accommodation was arguably the best of our trip, plus the hiking and views were outstanding.smile.pngsmile.pngsmile.png

Phu Sang National Park

Phu Sang Sub-district, Amphur Phu Sang Phayao Thailand 56110

Tel. 0 5447 6314 (VoIP), 0 5440 1099

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First, let me say that I am new to the CR area so I am not yet familiar with the names of the roads, rivers and landmarks. One day however, I was traveling on the road from the airport to that ends u

This (early) morning at Boon Rawd.

Happy New Year from Phaya Mengrai and Phu Chi Fa.

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It was like someone flicked a switch today and everything went all smokey. The air was thick around here on my evening walk with the dogs. What a difference a day makes.wacko.png

Thanks VF

I hope that's as bad as it gets. Often read about the smoke, from all the burning off, but I have never seen any photos.

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