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Germany 'exporting' Old And Sick To Foreign Care Homes (Incl. Thailand!)

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While the hail and hearty foreigners who have arrived in Thailand on their own choice are bashing the s*** out of Thailand accusing of scams, dual pricing, corruption, murders, et al - should not these foreign Governments be warned not to send their old and infirm to be exposed to these atrocities?

Also one should consider the fact if it is really 'humane' to send your old & infirm family members overseas just for the simple reason that their siblings have no time to look after them.

Normally, aged people prefer to live in their 'own domain' to spend their sunset years with their friends, family etc in the environment they are used to, isn't it?

Thinking of the 'big picture' I doubt if it would benefit either party on the long term. One has to keep in mind that money is NOT everything.

I am not referring to people who made the choice to migrate on their own.

Just thinking...

I would agree with you so long as the person is paying their own rest home/ care facility bills, or at least paying the difference between care in their own country and the cost of foreign country care.

If someone does not wish to save enough to take care of themselves at "home", why should the taxpayer foot the bill over and above the basic cost of care?

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I agree. If you require an old age home, this would be the place to be. thumbsup.gif

Really? Have you seen some of these residences? There are minimal occupational and physical therapy services available. Thailand does not have a cadre of geriatric care specialists. Unless one has a personal advocate to monitor care, one may end up sitting in a soiled diaper in deplorable conditions. Do you know what the treatment facilities are for those with age related dementia? To the best of my knowledge, unless one can pay a small fortune, there are none.

In any case I doubt Germany is sending its elderly to Asia. More likely to former east bloc locations in the Eu such as Poland and Hungary where German language services are available.

My snide remark of course would be to mention Pattaya is a place for ........... but, it's christmas time and I am overcome with goodwill.thumbsup.gif

There are some residences like this in Hua Hin and Phuket and a very remote village in Buriram. This Buriram residence appeared 3 times on German and Swiss TV in 2011/2012. As it looks some germans stayed a few months in this residence. I don`t know if occupational and physical therapy services are available and what treatment facilities are for those with age related dementia?

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