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The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

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On 2/2/2019 at 7:37 AM, balo said:

There is a new Vietnamese restaurant just opened up it's doors. 

Location is on Thappraya rd , only 200 meters from the intersection to S-Pattaya. 


I only looked inside , and they seem to offer genuine Vietnamese dishes, sandwiches and coffee.   Someone need to visit and check them out , I might try a lunch there next time on my way to Jomtien. 







hello, where exactly, I cannot find it, thanks.



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I posted on the other thread (about businesses opening and closing) a few weeks ago about the Pulcinella Italian Risto-Pub that has opened in the former Punch & Judy premises on Soi 17 (Soi Region

Yesterday, went to Welcome Inn on Darkside for Sunday Roast. Had the mixed meat for 260B. Outstanding value and enjoyable meal, could not fault it. Welcome Inn has A/C and had about 6 or 7 punter

You have mentioned this in other posts repeatedly???? I know a good short time hotel.

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5 hours ago, balo said:


So why didn't you ask them to switch on the air con ?  They do it to save on the electricity . This is normal in restaurants that are not busy with customers.


I have experienced this many times myself and everytime they turn it on when you ask them . 


"Up to You" !

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Futai Noodle House

T21 Mall

San Francisco Floor

2nd road view side


It finally opened! :partytime2:


It took long enough but I'm here to say it was worth the wait.

Futai Noodle House specializes in noodle dishes and a wide variety of TAIWANESE regional snacks and specialities. Not everything is Taiwan style food. There is a section of the menu for the Taiwanese small dishes but some other dishes not labeled that way are also Taiwan style such as the braised pork rice and beef noodle soup. A number of the dishes are similar to some of the dishes at Shaxian Snacks (previously reviewed) but there are no dumplings. 


This location is the first and only one of this brand. There is a possible plan to open also in Bangkok. How do you like them apples? Usually it's the other way around.


You are given two menus, food and also for drinks/desserts.

The drinks and desserts include Taiwan style options as well and they really did look good but I haven't tried yet.

I noticed many of the tables were only ordering drinks or desserts!


This restaurant is super accessible. Not only pictures but also English text.


Tax but not service charge is added to checks. I had to ask because the receipt is only in Chinese.


You might be wondering about the NOODLES, the namesake of the restaurant.

I haven't tried yet but I did find out the sad news that they are not hand pulled noodles, not made in house, but that they bring in fresh noodles from "the factory." In any case I would be surprised if this place would serve poor noodles but I was hoping for freshly made in the restaurant. So nope on that.


I went with a sampler of four different "small" dishes mostly from the Taiwan labeled part of the menu.


They were 


Chicken pork rice 85




I only chose the combination because I was getting braised pork with a separate greens dish. Nice flavor served on a kind of Japanese style rice. It was good to have the rice for the other greens dish as well.


Dried squid "thick" soup 80




Shaxian snacks also has a number of these small bowl herbal soups.

Based on the squid soup, this places are better because of larger portion and more ingredients inside, and greater choice of soup options. 

The broth isn't thick so I think they meant lots of ingredients in a smaller bowl with not so much broth.   The broth is rich though so the small portion packs a punch.


Boiled greens w/ braised pork 50

That says it all.




Fried chicken filet 80


This was kind of a surprise.

Such a big portion!

This was pounded down meat so maybe not as big as it looks, but still quite big for 80 baht.

This appears to be like the giant fried chicken sold at some places in Bangkok.

It was happily not greasy and the flavor was pleasant.

However, I am spoiled as I used to go to a gourmet Taiwanese restaurant in the U.S. with a different style of fried chicken, smaller portion, but much more wonderful.


Sample of some other items that I haven't tried yet --

Braised beef noodles  180

Curry beef noodles 195

Seafood noodles 180

Oyster omelet 110

Fried oyster 95

Kimchi tofu 85


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APNA (meat and veg)


SUGAR and SPICE (all veg)


New "Twin" Indian Restos  on 2nd road, near Soi 18 South Pattaya in the Indian/Middle East district


Super new places directly linked with a shared outdoor space (with a "barrier"). They're so new the paint still smells inside so I sat outside.


You'll be met with the usual enthusiastic sales people telling you, Indian food! But in this case, there's more, they can also tell you that one place is vegetarian and one isn't.


Looking at both menus you'll see the vegetarian part of the menu is a match on both menus, same dishes, same prices.


In the mood for a veg. meal I went for Sugar and Spice and hey I can't say it wasn't nice.


I had two classic dishes, rajma masala (Northern Indian pinto bean dish that is like an Indian version of Mexican chile con carne without the carne) 130, and kadhi pakora which is gram flour dumplings in a very yellow thick soupy sauce 150. Basmati rice is 60 baht.


The rajma masala was done in an "honest" way in that it was a true very beany concoction. Some places do this by just throwing some beans into the same gravy they might use for a chicken curry. That can taste good but it's not what I'm looking for in a rajma masala.


The kadhi pakora was also good but I would be less likely to order that one again. The rice was a little special in that they cooked it with some whole cardamom pods that I happen to like very much. 


The service was very efficient and welcoming at the same time and food overall was about the very good level (or at least good if you're being picky). The prices are a bit under average for the Pattaya Indian food market. For example dal tadka was 100 baht. 


Obviously I haven't tried their breads, meat curries, tandoori dishes yet. As is typical they also offer Indian Chinese fusion dishes.


Yes there seem to be hundreds of Indian restaurants these days, and most of them have very similar menus, but if you want to eat Indian you need to pick places to actually go.

It seems to me you could do a lot worse than these two new places and it doesn't hurt that the prices are friendly enough. 

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1 hour ago, mogandave said:

Not Pattaya, but the Taco Bell is now open in Bangkok, and given the crowds and response, there should be one in Pattaya soon.

Wasn't there a big uproar because Bangkok Taco Bell opened it's door and served NO BEEF!  It has since changed and is now serving beef.


Walked by Krispy Kreme in Royal Garden today.  No lineup no customers.  Really too bad they chose to open in Royal Garden vs. one of the malls where people actually spend money.

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Wasn't there a big uproar because Bangkok Taco Bell opened it's door and served NO BEEF!  It has since changed and is now serving beef.
Walked by Krispy Kreme in Royal Garden today.  No lineup no customers.  Really too bad they chose to open in Royal Garden vs. one of the malls where people actually spend money.

No beef yet as far as I can tell...
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Having now 282 pages in this topic:

wouldn't it be great if the moderator opened a new sub forum or category, so that we could open topics for each restaurant or different food styles but keep all the "eat in Pattaya" related topics together?

I personally find it pretty difficult to look up the well appreciated hints and opinions in this tapeworm thread.

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Even though I enjoy reading the postings in this topic, I have always been uncomfortable with the title.  'Hit and Run' implies a very bad situation in the US.  It means the driver in an automobile accident did not stop to aid or inform possible victims.  I have never felt it is an appropriate title for brief restaurant reviews.

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