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Dim Sum/yum Cha In Bangkok

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Does anyone know of any great Hong Kong style dim sum/yum cha places in Bangkok? I have read a lot of message boards and from what I saw it seems they are all in the hotels. I went to a few but was disappointed frankly after eating in Australia and the US. I mean the type where they bring the trolleys around and you take your pick, I like the ambience of that style of restaurant more than ordering off of a menu.


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You might try either :

China Palace restaurant on Sriphaya Road, maybe 100 meters on the left as you come from Rama IV - hatrd to find because it's in a small private Soi and the sign on Siphaya Road is pretty small. Very popular with all my Thai / Chinese friends.

Chand Phen restaurant on Rama IV, just about opposite the Lumpini Boxing Syadium.

Failing that take a walk down Yaowarrat (Chinatown main road), lots of places to choose from some of which specialise in Dim Sum.


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Or you can order off-menu at Din Tai Fung. I know, it's not from a trolley & there's not the huge variety of choice. But they come hot - really steaming hot - and for anyone that's lived in Taiwan they are, well, just that bit of familiarity that sometimes we crave :)

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