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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 20:02
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Our Progress In Our Sober Runs

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Day 3: Sadly, this isn't working. I still think I need to taper off, and I still want to be able to drink (though I have now adjusted my goal to "never alone"), and I want to drink a lot less. Does anyone know if there's an AA group in the Roi Et area, and whether or not you really MUST complete the 12 steps? I had a problem with the steps when going to GA meetings, but I was very young and inexperienced. Perhaps I should give it another go, if there are any groups here that is.

Edit: I just found the AA Thailand website. There are none in Roi Et.

There is an AA meeting in Roi Et.

Roi Ed hospital. Addiction Treatment Division–OPD Every Saturday, 10:00 Tel 043-518-200 ext 7100 There is translation available.

There is also one in Mahasarakham.

There is only one requirement for membership - a desire to stop drinking. If you want to continue drinking, why go to a meeting of people who want to quit?

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