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Water Scenes !


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Ohhh dear samuijimmy,

You have opened yet once again an Pandora Box with your OP. w00t.gif

Now where should one begin ? whistling.gif

Lets keep it simple shall we samuijimmy:-

Thanthungna Dam. The start of the River Khwae (Kwai) in Kan

In this year's ThaiVisaDotCom 2013 Calender


Win whistling.gif

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cheesy.gifcheesy.gif .... yes the KISS principle works well Kan Win... keep it simple ............rolleyes.gif

I like Pandora's boxes... never know which road it will lead us down !!!! biggrin.png

These different topic headings are giving a good pictorial over view of many parts of Thailand, so hope we get a few more joining in .... thumbsup.gif

.... Still many areas not covered...yet ! wink.png

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