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A few from the last few days. Just goofing off in southern Thailand. Most are from Ban Hua Hin, Thailand. Close to Satun, Thailand Some from Phangnga, Thailand. Pararang caps. Great pastime to keep


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Hawk...(?) Maehaad Beach, Koh Phengan

It's a young Sparrowhawk. Chinese possibly Japanese.. Juvenile birds very similar & hard to tell which one on my small laptop screen

Thanks !.... Boy!!!! ..... these birds sure get around ! But guess with migratory birds that's what they do! i guess that is why Thali Noi Lake in Songklha has so many birds in January, in particular~ !!! wink.png

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Owl with broken wing.....it had a strong grip though....its claws went into my finger when i picked it up

That's a good, but sad, image. What became of it Fred?

It eventually ran off. I hope a cat didn't get it. It was a busy day at the temple with a big festival on and it had fallen from a tree. I put it in a cage for a while but felt sorry and removed it. Asked around if anyone was able to care for it or not but no takers. As a monk I wasn't in a position to jump on a motorbike and take it to the vet.

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UFO. Model and maker unknown.

Uh.. It's difficult to take pictures of the birds. I have an hawk close to my home. I can hear it's screams every day and every now and then see it fly between the trees. But to take an photo.. I'll try another 2 weeks :)


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My favorite birds in Thailand. They always seems to go as couples. Somehow looking like they are up to something not so good.. but still in the curious and funny way.


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