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Smoke, Smog, Dust 2013 Chiang Mai

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Based on the fire maps, it would appear the global Thailand season is arriving and wish to start a clean topic on it as opposed to the more localized burning topic.

Members can report the conditions in their area and updates of the pollution numbers (PCD) and questions in this topic. Also published news updates regarding local conditions.

Regional Daily Air Quality Data

aqmthai.com Air Quality Index

Air Quality Standards Thailand

Smoke, Smog, Dust 2012 Chiang Mai for reference.

Mapguy's early topic

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Remarkably clear this morning. The mountains of Chiang Dao to the north and Doi Inthanon to the southwest are both visible now.

From where? I also noticed the past two days have been very clear.

Cheers, CM-Expat

From Chiangmai, of course! wink.png

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Didn't manage to finish a round of golf at Hangdong today as the caddy and I were choking on the smoke from fires nearby.This was early morning and it appeared to improve during the day.

But the taste of smoke was on the teeth,in the throat etc very unpleasant.Never been affected like that before.

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Anyone know website where figures are published for NOW , all info seems to be historic , other sites just give the runaround or are unavailable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a nice circle with green orange and red with afew numbers and a gauge line would do , ...........seems they don,t want us to kmow ..........and my lungs are a bit sore ,,,,,,,,Jan 28 2013 ! figures for past years relevant , of course , but what are they today .? .

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The following comments on this subject are quoted from the Chiang Rai forum. I thought they were quite good. I'm assuming the poster does not mind being quoted.


The debate about the burning of the rice fields etc has been going on for years with next to no change at all . We all think we have the solution and I am sure the governments of all of the countries in S.E. Asia have had think tanks on how to stop the burning and pollution .

Machinery will come in time to harvest the rice fields but what about the burning of corn fields? After the wet season there is so much growth everywhere and it needs to be cut back and burnt or just set on fire and cleared without any manual work other than to manage the fires. Its a massive task each year to keep the jungle at bay. What else can%

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