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Damrong, what is your problem with me Grasshopper photo as I was taken in Koh Samui Butterfly Garden many a year a go 2003.

Win coffee1.gif

Grass hoppers don't do that here on Samui!.... KW...tongue.pngbiggrin.png

Relax, Kant Win, he meant no direct problem. IMO his reply merely commented on your photo illustrating this particular grasshopper likes 'to get it on' with your flower..thumbsup.gif No bad intended...

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I was "yanking your chain" ,Kan Win about the grass hopper!!!! Off course we have them on Samui biggrin.png tongue.png

Here is an orchid growing in Khao Sok National park, (probably not native) but I have never seen this type of flower on an orchid! wink.png


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This one comes out once every 2 to 3 years in my garden (well my garden is all concrete floor) hanging from a tree


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