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A few Canadian wild blossoms

The first one is Gorse.... an import from UK as with the yellow Broom, which has taken over much worse... .... in a few areas of the "wet coast".... I used to spend many hours with a friend, trying to clear near Botanical Beach bah.gifw00t.gif

The other two, I don't recognize .... (memory fading) ......... we'd better be careful, these are not Thai flowers!.... eh! wink.png

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Since I managed to kill off all my wife's flowers while she was out of town on an extended trip she has started from scratch. Note to self: "They need water". biggrin.png



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Got lots of these images... so many different varieties up there. smile.png

at Suan Suwaree - The Rose Gardens of Bhubing Palace, Chiang Mai

Very nice, I am outta likes for today! So keep the bloomin roses coming ! thumbsup.gif

You guys in the north can grow roses so much better than down here in the south... the red ones I pictured above are the only variety that does reasonable well here at sea level!... but it's a variety I never seem to be able to find in the garden shops! sad.png

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...keep the bloomin roses coming ! thumbsup.gif

yep Jim.. the Roses seem to do very well at higher altitudes. This one with its central flower & 3 surrounding buds is apparently a prize bred variety.... Doh! the name evades me. smile.png


Rose Gardens of Bhubing Palace, Chiang Mai

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Here is one red one, I had a few years ago, out of a dozen or so different roses I have purchased here... only one has survived .... it's a wishy washy pink! bah.gif


Here is one growing at a higher elevation here on Samui,(new Lamai Temple) the slightly more cooler temps up there, do make a difference!


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In the wildest part of a botanical garden I was looking around in today.


Quite a lot of them around, grow on a shrub about 2 m tall.

I've always thought that flower above looks quite attractive, Robby, one sees it growing wild around Samui, but when suggesting to my Thai neighbours, that it would look nice in the garden they always say no! .... Perhaps too much of a weed?

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Here is an unusual flower / plant found on Samui today.... anyone any idea of what it might be?




Inside.... I am wondering if it will smell like rotted meat this evening....wink.png


The finder... one thing I know he will do his best to look after it!


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So the plant above is an Arum, some bloom only five to seven years!

This I took off CBS evening news, (USA) it happened to make the news the day after I took the shots of the Samui cousin of this plant!

This one grows to about 8 feet! wink.pngNative to Indonesia!


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The sun was out!! So I went to the Royal Garden Rajapruek here in Chiang Mai and took some photos. It got too hot, I got burned, so I had to leave, I'll go back tomorrow and finish off the trip if I can. Here we go.....

Showing Off......


Gawd I'm exhausted.....


The Lovers.....


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Sorry folks but I haven't got a clue what this is called.....but it smelled wonderful.

Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought so.


It's name is Ixora .... nice shrub, has orange or yellow varieties too.... although I was surprise you said it was scented, I have not noticed that.... will have to find one and go have a sniff!....tongue.png

Nice to see you back....too....thumbsup.gif

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