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So the plant above is an Arum, some bloom only five to seven years!

This I took off CBS evening news, (USA) it happened to make the news the day after I took the shots of the Samui cousin of this plant!

This one grows to about 8 feet! wink.pngNative to Indonesia!


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The sun was out!! So I went to the Royal Garden Rajapruek here in Chiang Mai and took some photos. It got too hot, I got burned, so I had to leave, I'll go back tomorrow and finish off the trip if I can. Here we go.....

Showing Off......


Gawd I'm exhausted.....


The Lovers.....


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Sorry folks but I haven't got a clue what this is called.....but it smelled wonderful.

Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought so.


It's name is Ixora .... nice shrub, has orange or yellow varieties too.... although I was surprise you said it was scented, I have not noticed that.... will have to find one and go have a sniff!....tongue.png

Nice to see you back....too....thumbsup.gif

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