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Voa Is Going To Be Allowed At Borders Soon

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The gov is planning to let the visitors get VOA at border points to facilitate more tourists.

CP3 - from the journal article you referred to - does 'border points' mean land entries?

VOA is already available at Yangon airport (if pre-arranged)

Can you please provide more info?



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You go the Club Andaman route, you get a 2 week stamp

True (for most people) at the moment, but this will change if VOA is introduced at land border entries, which is what I guess the OP was trying to point out.

I have obtained much longer entry stamps through the Andaman Club and Kawthoung entries in the past...including being allowed to enter on my MJSRV business visa - but this was something I had permission for.

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True - I was told by a Burmese guide with connections to immigration and high ranking members of the government that the Burmese government was preparing for 7-day (or perhaps 14-day) on-arrival visas to be issued at Myawaddy (opposite, Mae Sot in Tak province) that can be used for onward travel overland to Hpa-an, Yangon, Mandalay etc. In other words, once this directive takes effect, official overland travel will become possible from Bangkok to Yangon via Mae Sot. This is supposed to happen around next year but the exact timing is a bit uncertain.

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The road is OK - it's not any worse than some of the shocking roads in northern Laos, Cambodia or remote parts of Vietnam. What matters here is the security situation. The road in question is currently being upgraded by a Thai company, which is currently working on the Myawaddy-Kawkareik stretch. The Thai company in charge told me it might take 3-4 years to finish the upgrade, but the road is set to open to all travellers well before then as I have mentioned.

Whether the bus is comfortable or not is not the issue - there are always taxis and private car transfers if you want more flexibility and comfort, which is what I personally would go for...unless the bus becomes reasonably comfortable I wouldn't consider catching it even if it becomes legal for foreign travellers.

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