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' Horse Lasagne' Sparks New British Food Scare

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Not that it makes the situation any better, but I would take a guess that horse meat is generally safer to eat than beef. The horses are not fed a lot of the additives that are given to cattle to make them grow. Since many of the horses are dispensable, they were probably free from antibiotics and other medication that are given to cattle.

I doubt they spent any time in a feed lot being 'fed up' for slaughter. They were most likely only grass fed.

That doesn't make it right and it doesn't make it any less deceptive.

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Facts i didnt need to know sick.gif


"Horse meat varies in color. Meat from younger horses is lighter in color, and flavor, while meat from older horses has a deeper color and flavor. Horse meat is lean, typically, and relatively tender. Older horses are considered to have the most tender meat -- different than say veal from a cow.

Horse meat is a bit sweet in taste. Some think it is a blend between beef (a cow) and venison (deer). People use it similar to the way they use beef, putting it in sandwiches, or serving it in a slab. The cooking time is generally shorter than that of beef, in part because of its lean qualities."

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It emerged that the Queen and members of the Royal Family may have eaten horse meat passed off as beef as it was revealed that catering company Sodexo had found horsemeat in minced beef products

We are not amused !! Off with their heads !

Does that mean that Camilla is a cannibal?


Count me as you third

People were looking at me to see why i was laughing so hard!

Thanks dude, i needed that today :)

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Perhaps the days of being so picky about, which animal based protein is acceptable, is coming to an end.

For me there is no mammal I would not eat, if it were cooked hygienically. Though I do have issues with which parts I would eat.

Edit: I forgot to say that I would not choose to eat animals which are rare and endangered.

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