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Norwegian Faces Death Penalty In Thailand – Wife Found In Dumpster

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If he is found not guilty and let out....will he get his old job back ?

Collecti9ng the rent from the properties owned by his deceased ex? Doubt it.

The BiB (her BiB) are getting that i would presume. . coffee1.gif

Still trying to blame him? But of course he does not inherit, her kids are entitled to the real estate and anything else there might be.

Do l not remember that she had a child with her new husband. coffee1.gif

Or am l thinking of another case. wai2.gif

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Victim's uncle testifies in Dokset murder trial
Phuket Gazette -

PHUKET: Rungnapa Suktong’s uncle took the stand today in the second day of witness testimony in the Stein Havard Dokset murder case.

Mr Dokset faces charges for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Rungnapa Suktong under section 288 of Thai law, which stipulates 15 to 20 years or death. He has also been charged for concealing a body and the illegal possession of a firearm (story here).

Ms Rungnapa’s uncle, 42, stood as a character witness, recalling arguments between Ms Rungnapa and Mr Dokset. He noted the arguments remained verbal and had never broken down into physical violence in front of him.

The uncle knew Mr Dokset because he had helped construct the house in Kata that the couple had lived in, and in which Ms Rungnapa’s body was found.

With a barrage of questioning, the defense attorney appeared to fluster Ms Rungnapa’s uncle in court today, causing inconsistencies in his answers and eventually leading the judge to declare a recess.

Mr Dokset, accompanied by his current girlfriend, remained calm throughout the court hearing. He is due back in court on March 8.

Source: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket_news/2013/Victim-s-uncle-testifies-in-Dokset-murder-trial-20310.html

-- Phuket Gazette 2013-02-22

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