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Traditional Street Photography


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Kampuchea...early 90's...

I trust you shot these pics yourself, Sunshinethumbsup.gif. Excellentwai.gif

Yes I did DAL...Kodachrome 64..Nikon F4s, lens forgotten,

then scanned with a crappy scanner available a couple years

later. I have thousands of transparancies & negs of Kampooch

...many still waiting to be scanned when I get a new Cool Scan

(Nikon) or Hassleblad scanner...both very expensive. Or if I can

find somebody, not an agency, who has either one...I'll provide

the refreshments & grub in copius amounts! Can't be a flatbed

scanner though...unless it's a Kodak (bloody expensive), they're

not good enough. Thanks for the like...wai2.gif

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