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'missing' Swiss Student Discovered In Ranong Prison Pleads Guilty

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I am very familiar with this Immigration office so I will tell a brief story My Thai wife and family live near Ranong and she has two passports: one US and one Thai. Not too long ago she entered Thailand with the US passport so she had to report every 90 days to Immigration in Ranong. One time she was a day or two late and went to the office to report. Whomever she dealt with had a creative idea to deal with the situation and suggested that she take him out to lunch instead of paying the late fine. She gave him 800 baht for "lunch" and went on her way, not desiring a lunch with the guy.

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How does it work in Thailand with a suspended sentence? Is she free to leave the country, or is her passport withheld by the court and she has to report periodically to a probation officer during these seven months?

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