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This one Leaves me speechless. coffee1.gif

Please, Leaves them alone. biggrin.png

Not barking up the wrong Treetongue.png but, BTW do you work for "Special Branch". w00t.gif

Win just for fun thumbsup.gif

Indeed "the young ones's" special branch that is". This branch is so special it can conceive cynicismwink.png

Let's just leaf it at that, shall we..giggle.gif

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Thank you, villagefarang. I did think your photo was of a similar tree. The one my friend took a photo of was on the Mae Ngao River which is south of Mae Sariang. Right now there are a lot of yellow blossom trees blooming in Chiang Mai and on the Samoeng loop. The bright yellow pompoms are quite pretty laying under the trees.

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Few days ago at the east coast of Phuket. The sea was calm, there was an nice water scene, moon shining and it was almost the sunset. Difficult to make an decision to which category to put the photo.. So there were trees as well.

Silent moon


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Whilst you all were having fun last Friday, I had this one down on your left


Took two power posts down, one on the right (our house) sat on me Farang Tree and the small roof at about 16.00 Oh-clock.

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) came round (1 man) took photos and then came with a gang of 10 men. So they knuckled down to get me lights back on. Gave them one of me touches (Big One) once the daylight passed. cool.png

They worked hard, not too fast, as all the trees had branches and leaves, gave them some trouble it seems.

As the evening went on they all worked on and on, until Power was on.

At last, the lights came on, around 20.30 Oh-Clock and with all good cheer I gave then each (10 workers) one large bottle of Singha beer. drunk.gif

They had to replace both concrete electric posts which they did, that was what took the time as well as fighting with the upper growth on the trees. crying.gif

Happy Easter you all. passifier.gif

Who else but,

Win w00t.gif

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Seedling growing out of a Coconut tree, which has died as a result attack by Red Beetles ... (Lamai Samui)

(Red Beetle is killing off many coconut trees on Samui, and some areas of KP and also other areas of the world.... sad.png )


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