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The path to exhaustion

Trees? Waterscapes? Sunrise? Trees!

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Increasingly becoming more popular is the North-Eastern variety of the ( Supportus Branches Tree )

Although this example has been systemically grafted to attain maximum productivity , there is a natural occurring variety that displays similar confronting evolvement traits , such as the downward and splayed supports .

These hybrid trees are a great resource for poor Thai farmers.

They provide both shade and food .


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I don't get to see this sort of tree images MJP , I am not concerned about the quality , moreso the actual image .


Goomp's, what you're witnessing, this ugly spectacle, this torrid exchange . . . is British humour.

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And to think that you convicts came over here forcefully to let me gestate in a box without ever considering the imput to your output would end up in this scenario !

God Forbid !

I never deemed it possible , laughing inside at the moment .

Well I refer loosely to the convict statement as you are certainly not one , but , ... your ancestors ?


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