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Sharpening is quite tricky, especially since TV tends to do some extra compression to the pics when uploaded and that can introduce sharpening artefacts.

Re lightroom, it has "punch" and "sharpen" presets that can be applied automatically on import, if you really dont want to monkey about. you just have to be careful about the additional sharpening applied during export.

I like that it is non-destructive, but keeps your settings so you can play with the images ad infinitum if you wish.

OK I know these are not trees, but here is a light room edit before and after....

After.... took me a while to find the punch button! tongue.pngbiggrin.png

All I have to do know is figure how to export the images in a larger size! 640 x blah blah is too small... w00t.giffacepalm.gif

Your beach is gone after your LR edit..

haha i like the first one too.

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im gutted, there is the most beautiful tree on the river in vientiane and every time i tried to photograph it the light was either wrong or it had half the population of laos under it seeking shade. maybe next time

Where is it? Near the river across the main hotel strip, by any chance?whistling.gif

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