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Retail Furniture And Handicrafts Shop In Chonburi

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This 3 year old Chonburi shop offers, furniture, model ship, and a variety of decorative items including pottery, sculptures, handicrafts and paintings in addition to antique Asian furniture, wine and spirits and Buddha images.

The shop is a 3 unit building and the business includes a warehouse and attached apartment 10KM from the showroom. Open 6 days a week, the business employs 2 people with a total monthly salary of 38,000 baht. The lease contract expires in October 2015 with a monthly rent of 42,000 baht. the lease deposit of two months' rent is including in the selling price.

The shop has seen annual sales of around 4,8 million baht with a net profit around 2,8 million baht. Totally inventory, including antique items and wine and spirits valued at around 7 million baht and is included in the sale.

More detailed information on business and financial data will be disclosed to a serious buyer.

The owner is seeking a partner to help run this thriving business.

The owner is offering two partnership options:

ASKING PRICE 1 :8,800,000 baht : 50% of shares including building 3 unit full merchandise with storage room 3 units plus inventory with antiques, wine, spirits and Buddha images.

ASKING PRICE 2 : 3,500,000 baht : 50% shares plus inventory without vintage wine, spirits and Buddha images.


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