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Best Weekday Lunch Buffet In Bangkok?

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My wife has the munchies and wants to go to a buffet lunch on Friday when we are in Bangkok. She wants the crabs, king prawns, lobster, you name any shellfish and she wants it. I, on the other hand am a meat eater, Lamb, beef, mmmmmm my mouth is watering.

So the question is, can anyone recommend a fantastic buffet lunch up to 3,000b per person in Bangkok. I will be in the Ratchada road area, so something near to that would be an advantage, but if you think you have the perfect place let me know.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Just saw this, so perhaps too late
But in.case others are looking for similar
Marriott cafe at JW Marriott
Some really good meat options - lamb, beef and foie gras the night we went
Selection of seafood from sashimi style to grilled/ boiled prawns and such served with sauces
A few cooked fish dishes too - pan fried, grilled and served with various sauce
Price might have been 1850, can't remember If ++ or not
Was yummy yummy!

some photos from a food review blog: http://topicstock.pantip.com/food/topicstock/2009/12/D8611522/D8611522.html


blog is in thai, but pics are self explanatory I think smile.png

For a more seafood option, try Sofitel Sukhumvit. Lunch was about 900 net
Lots of fish and oysters. Some really good pasta. I had thw chicken, but there was also beef. Supposedly pizza too, but when I went the oven was out of action. They have a very impressive cheese room

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