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Massage School In Koh Samui

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Hi I have just arrived in Koh Samui and I'm interested in learning Thai Massage. Does anyone know where on the Island offers courses?

I hear Wat Po is a very good one to do as I've had a massage there in Bangkok before be great learn that style. But any info would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

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Aren't all the Massage Schools in Chaing Mai? or perhaps some in BKK?

Seems to me there are going to be a lot of massage ladies twiddling there thumbs now things are starting to slow down.... Perhaps you could find a good one to teach you.... wink.png

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yes, the best is Wat Po. With the early flights at 06:00 daily you will arrive there probably a bit late, but talk to the teacher, they will understand

ummmm that is where exactly? rolleyes.gifbiggrin.png

Bangkok Jimmy.

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Hi everyone I have just completed a Wat Po accredited Thai massage course here in Koh Samui. Its a little more expensive than Bangkok but the class sizes are smaller so it feels like you get that bit more attention naturally the staff are really helpful to. The only place on the island that offers "real" Wat Po accredited training is Apples Spa Experience but they only offer Thai Massage (30hours) Foot Massage (30hours) & Oil MAssage (30hours) not the othee ones at the moment as it early days. Its all above board I double checked before I did the course

At the end of the course you get given a test then receive your certificate the same as Bangkok plus you get given a manual to refer to after the teacher there is called Khun Get (lovely person)

You can find them on trip advisor heres the link


Hope this helps

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