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any body have any luck with finding muu baans outside of meung korat???

looking for soeng sang: we earth googled and found chok chai, and spotted one of the dams close by, but dont get resolution to good housing details of muubaans

trying to read alt/long stuff but havent got a clue how to work out precise readings?


anon at home not working so playing with internet...


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Hi to you all. i have been busy for a couple of weeks making up a better map of Sisaket Town and verifying most of the locations. I decided to upload it for anyone who might need it. Also if you find

Isaan Map Enjoy the drive! *** If you have any good street maps of towns and cities, in this area, please post them here without comments. Thanks udon

Thanks for that Dilligad. Gotten the spelling from google maps. I checked various sites u get slight variations...so went for "Somdet Phra Sri Nakharin Park".

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Hi Bina,

if you want the lat & long of a place, just put your cursor on the exact location, and read off the lat n long on the footer of the page.

If you want a grid, see "view" up the top left of yr screen. :o

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I, too, find it hard to relate Google Earth to maps.

Roads and railways show up so clearly on maps, but on Google they hide under trees!!

One thing that is always clear, though, is a runway (presumably because it is well-known that aircraft have an aversion to trees).

And lat/lon of an airport can always be found on the Internet.

I managed to find my village by interpolating its approximate position halfway between Udon (UTH) and Khon Kaen (KKC) airports.

Incidentally, UTH is nearly as big as LHR!!!

(Presumably it was a diversionary destination for bombers coming back from Laos and Vietnam, and a man steering a bomber with battle damage needs the reassurance that he has a lot of runway available.)

Incidentally, if there was cloud cover over their target, they couldn't bomb.

But neither could they land back loaded.

So there was an area of the hills near here that was designated as a 'bomb-throw-away' area.

As a girl, my wife used to be made quite nervous by low-flying B-52s overhead, but her buffalos never blinked. My Welsh Blacks would have taken off for the next county (or province).

Nowadays, as we manoeuvre through the potholes on our country roads, we ask why the Americans chucked their bombs on our road and not in the hills!

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i sent the link to my dad who is an obsessive map freak.... he has been pouring over them and having a really good time.

what i would like to know is when did satrakien become a tambon; and when did all the amphurs become amphurs. for instance, why is ban soeng sang a town here and not an amphur?? and sra takrien (unless this is somehwere else also) a village and not written as tambon takrien???

just curiosity. also, in 1975/6 -+, was there military activity in ban soeng sang area? my husband was walking somewhere as a small boy (he cant remember what age he was) and there was a BOOM! and he woke up in a military clinic or hospital with an iv in his arm. he apparently was knocked/fell and hit his head and he remembers something vaguely military about it all??

sorry i cant remember my history of what was going on at that time in that specific area (my folks following middle east stuff naturally).

sometimes its wierd to see history thru other eyes.


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Ok, all you Map wizards. My Gf's family live in Porn ja lern (sp). It's close to Bung, Beung, or Buang Kan, or Khong. Can anyone provide or point me to a map that shows the location of her town.. Thanks, Regards, BD

Sorry for the late reply. I was searching for maps of Isaan and this thread turned up, so I thought I'd stop by and add my comments!

I'm guessing this is "Porn Jaroen" (Thai: บ้านพรเจริญ), but with the "R" pronounced like an "L", as they do in Isaan.

If you search for the Thai spelling on Google, several matches turn up. Do you know what province she is from? If her English skills aren't super, the Thai word for "province" is "jang-wat" (Thai: จังหวัด). A quick look reveals that there is one in Nakhorn Phanom, one in Kalasin (both in Isaan), and one in Krabi (in the South). There are probably many more, as that is a really lucky-sounding name (it means "blessings and prosperity"). It's fairly common for many villages to share the same name, as long as they are not in the same district, or "amphoe" (Thai: อำเภอ). Although that is not unheard-of!



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There are Thai military maps available in 1:50,000 scale somewhere, but check these out:


Hi farangatm

Thanks for the link. Although I'm not a map anorak, i found the maps and related Vietnam War links very interesting. Google Earth is just too 'blotchy' for me (assuming that is a real word??)

Regards :D

Dave the dude :o

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Ooooops, forgot to highlight F*t G*t's boozer. There goes any free beer!

Lucky old you........................10 free beers for that. But of course when I add then to the eleven I subtracted for forgetting me, I make it one beer you owe me. :o

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