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Map Of Central Thailand

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Unfortunately it stops below Nakhon Sawan and well below where I live which is also considered (by some) Central Thailand.

However it is a good detailed map.

The same link has maps for North, South Etc.. in the same detail.

You are absolutely correct and I apologise.

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I highly recommend obtaining a copy of software by ThinkNet, called MapMagic Thailand.

I found my copy at Se-Ed Bookstore in Singburi (a small town) and have seen it on sale in several other locations. It has English and Thai modes. Seems to be widely available. Check with any store that sells maps, books, and/or software.

You can get the most street-detail and other details I've ever seen within maps or software in Thailand - it has numerous layers you can either overlay or choose to leave them out - such as hotel locations, guest houses, government facilities, gas stations, supermarkets, malls, tourist destinations, etc., etc. Quite comprehensive. Its the next best thing to GPS, if you have a laptop/notebook computer you can carry with you.

You can zoom in for side-street and soi details/names. Zoom out to review highway routes long distance and remove the small road overlay to see just the main routes. You can measure distances with the built in "ruler". You can mark "favourite places". You can even search for places and things - I used mine to search for independent supermarkets and other potential customers for my products (Nana Pasta Sauce) and also found a few conveniently located hotels to stay in while traveling in unfamiliar towns.

Great stuff.

Here are a few example snap shots:





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