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Ingredients For Achar

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Hi all.

I want to make some mango pickle ( the punjabi version of mango achar).

Where can I find Indian spices in Thailand? I am in Phuket.

In looking at one of the recipes at http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/punjabi-mango-pickle/ , I need a few exotic stuff like fenugreek seeds/methi,

fennel seeds/saunf,mustard seeds/sarson and nigella seeds/kalonji. No freegin' idea where to look. Mustard sees I can get.

I asked an Indian chef I know and they order the complete achar from BKK. I rather make it myself.


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I have. Most of the restaurants order their stuff from BKK. Tailors are mostly Nepalese with Sikh bosses. They too get their stuff from BKK or get it flown in from India.

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I suggest you wait till you have to make a trip to Bangkok, then stack up on the spices for a few months. Best places to look for Indian spices in Bangkok are Pahurat and Prathunam although Pahurat has a higher density of shops offering spices.

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