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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 10:42
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Hed Khon Khao (Lentinus Squarrosulas Mont) Cultivation

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Last month, Mr.Tom invited me to see him while making Hed Khon Khao substrate Bags.


He hired an 80 years old grandmother to work for him 200 baths a day.


His pasteurization chamber is working to pasteurise 700 substrate bags/tank at once.


Wait the pasteurized substrate bag to cool down then inoculate with grain spawn.


Outside his mushroom house.


Inside his mushroom house.


Fruiting body of Hed Khon Khao.

Hed Khon Khao is a sadism mushroom.

There is a legend.

Once a mushroom grower could not be patient to wait for the fruiting to come out.

He got angry and slapped the mushroom substrate with his slipper.

Few days latter the fruiting body started to come out.




Taking the mushroom to a nearby market.

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Our Mushroom houses aer smaller but we have five of them. We get 70 baht a kilo and that provide a good profit over time.]]That is a good idea on the oven. Does he use the steel racks with that oven?

If I can't get the oven I spoke of in the othe thread. That would be easy to make here. 700 at a time would do.

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